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07 Jul 2017 Melt inclusions constrain S behaviour and redox conditions in Etnean magmas
06 Jul 2017 Revised chronostratigraphy of recurrent ignimbritic eruptions in Dominica (Lesser Antilles Arc): Implications on the behavior of the magma plumbing system.
04 Jul 2017 Late Holocene swampy forest of Loango Bay (Congo). Sedimentary environments and organic matter deposition
04 Jul 2017 Distribution of In and other rare metals in cassiterite and associated minerals in Sn ± W ore deposits of the western Variscan Belt.
28 Jun 2017 Petrogenetic differences between the Middle-Late Jurassic Cu-Pb-Zn-bearing and W-bearing granites in the Nanling Range, South China: A case study of the Tongshanling and Weijia deposits in southern Hunan Province.
26 Jun 2017 Spectral induced polarization of Na-montmorillonite dispersions
23 Jun 2017 Building a Geological Reference Platform Using Sequence Stratigraphy Combined with Geostatistical Tools
21 Jun 2017 Numerical modeling of erosion and assimilation of sulfur-rich substrate by martian lava flows: implications for the genesis of massive sulfide mineralization on Mars
19 Jun 2017 Le sol habitat : environnement physicochimique et conditions de développement des différents organismes présents dans le sol
16 Jun 2017 The northwest-directed “Bretonian phase” in the French Variscan Belt (Massif Central and Massif Armoricain): A consequence of the Early Carboniferous Gondwana–Laurussia collision
14 Jun 2017 Record of pharmaceutical products in river sediments: a powerful tool to assess the environmental impact of urban management?
14 Jun 2017 Occurrence and removal efficiency of pharmaceuticals in an urban wastewater treatment plant: mass balance, fate and consumption assessment.
14 Jun 2017 Water pumping in mantle shear zones
13 Jun 2017 Tertiary evolution of the Shimanto belt (Japan): a large-scale collision in Early Miocene
22 May 2017 Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Laterites from the Morro dos Seis Lagos Nb (Ti, REE) Deposit (Amazonas, Brazil)
16 May 2017 Remarkable variability of dyke features at the Vicuña Pampa Volcanic Complex, Southern Central Andes.
15 May 2017 Basaltic ignimbrites in monogenetic volcanism: the example of La Garrotxa volcanic field
15 May 2017 Rifted margins: Ductile deformation, boudinage, continentward-dipping normal faults and the role of the weak lower crust.
10 May 2017 Assimilation of sulfate and carbonaceous rocks: experimental study, thermodynamic modeling and application to the Noril’sk-Talnakh region (Russia).
24 Apr 2017 Temporal dynamics of human-excreted pollutants in wastewater treatment plant influents: toward a better knowledge of mass load fluctuations.
14 Apr 2017 Determining the timing of formation of the Rawil Depression in the Helvetic Alps by palaeomagnetic and structural methods
14 Apr 2017 Crystal-Chemistry of Synthetic Amphiboles Along the Richterite–Ferro-Richterite Join: A Combined Spectroscopic (FTIR, Mössbauer), XRPD, and Microchemical Study.
14 Apr 2017 Nb-Ta fractionation in peraluminous granites: A marker of the magmatic-hydrothermal transition: REPLY
14 Apr 2017 The Influence of Redox State On Mica Crystallization In Leucogranitic and Pegmatitic Liquids.
12 Apr 2017 Forearc structure in the Lesser Antilles inferred from depth to the Curie temperature and thermo-mechanical simulations.
12 Apr 2017 Organic matter and clay interaction in a meromictic lake: Implications for source rock OM preservation (Lac Pavin, Puy-de-Dôme, France).
11 Apr 2017 Deformation behavior of continental crust during subduction and exhumation: Strain distribution over the Tenda massif (Alpine Corsica, France)
11 Apr 2017 3D Reconstruction of the Proximal Femur Shape from Few Pairs of X-Ray Radiographs.
11 Apr 2017 Towards the reconciliation of viscosity change and CO 2 -induced polymerization in silicate melts.
10 Apr 2017 Advances in Functionalized Materials Research 2016
07 Apr 2017 Plume-induced continental rifting and break-up in ultra-slow extension context: Insights from 3D numerical modeling
07 Apr 2017 Fecal biomarker imprints as indicators of past human land uses: Source distinction and preservation potential in archaeological and natural archives.
20 Mar 2017 Insights into natural organic matter and pesticide characterisation and distribution in the Rhone River
20 Mar 2017 Sub-Antarctic glacier extensions in the Kerguelen region (49°S, Indian Ocean) over the past 24,000 years constrained by 36 Cl moraine dating
13 Mar 2017 Generation Conditions of Dacite and Rhyodacite via the Crystallization of an Andesitic Magma. Implications for the Plumbing System at Santorini (Greece) and the Origin of Tholeiitic or Calc-alkaline Differentiation Trends in Arc Magmas
08 Mar 2017 Investigating Physical Processes Leading to Sinkhole Occurrence in Val d’Orléans (France)
03 Mar 2017 Water redistribution in experimentally deformed natural milky quartz single crystals-Implications for H 2 O-weakening processes.
28 Feb 2017 Introducing global peat-specific temperature and pH calibrations based on brGDGT bacterial lipids.
28 Feb 2017 Modeling Copper and Cadmium Mobility in an Albeluvisol Amended with Urban Waste Composts.
27 Feb 2017 Pre-Cadomian to late-Variscan odyssey of the eastern Massif Central, France: Formation of the West European crust in a nutshell.
27 Feb 2017 The Pliensbachian-Toarcian paleoclimate transition: New insights from organic geochemistry and C, H, N isotopes in a continental section from Central Asia
22 Feb 2017 Protracted, coeval crust and mantle melting during Variscan late-orogenic evolution: U–Pb dating in the eastern French Massif Central.
08 Feb 2017 Historical seismicity of the Mont Dore volcanic province (Auvergne, France) unraveled by a regional lacustrine investigation: New insights about lake sensitivity to earthquakes
26 Jan 2017 Production rates of bacterial tetraether lipids and fatty acids in peatland under varying oxygen concentrations
25 Jan 2017 X-Ray Reflectivity Analysis of SiO2 Nanochannels Filled with Water and Ions: A New Method for the Determination of the Spatial Distribution of Ions Inside Confined Media
23 Jan 2017 A new set of standards for in-situ measurement of bromine abundances in natural silicate glasses: application to SR-XRF, LA-ICP-MS and SIMS techniques
23 Jan 2017 Land use development and environmental responses since the Neolithic around Lake Paladru in the French Pre-alps.
19 Jan 2017 Vegetation composition controls temperature sensitivity of CO2 and CH4 emissions and DOC concentration in peatlands
05 Jan 2017 Early Paleozoic intracontinental orogeny in the Yunkai domain, South China Block: New insights from field observations, zircon U–Pb geochronological and geochemical investigations
04 Jan 2017 Mesozoic intracontinental underthrust in the SE margin of the North China Block: insights from the Xu-Huai thrust-and-fold belt.
02 Jan 2017 Anthropogenic- and natural sources of dust in peatland during the Anthropocene.
02 Jan 2017  Extraneous argon in high-pressure metamorphic rocks: Distribution, origin and transport in the Cycladic Blueschist Unit (Greece).
16 Dec 2016 Deformation processes at the down-dip limit of the seismogenic zone: The example of Shimanto accretionary complex
14 Dec 2016 Modeling the Acid-Base Properties of Montmorillonite Edge Surfaces
13 Dec 2016 Structural and Biological Assessment of Zinc Doped Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles
12 Dec 2016 Long-term Cu stabilization and biomass yields of Giant reed and poplar after adding a biochar, alone or with iron grit, into a contaminated soil from a wood preservation site
09 Dec 2016 Composition and correlation criteria of the rhyolitic ignimbrites in the Monts Dore volcanic field (France).
08 Dec 2016 Origins of cratonic mantle discontinuities: A view from petrology, geochem- istry and thermodynamic models
01 Dec 2016 Slopes of an airborne electromagnetic resistivity model interpolated jointly with borehole data for 3D geological modelling.
01 Dec 2016 Molecular dynamics simulations of anion exclusion in clay interlayer nanopores.
30 Nov 2016 Tectonics and Geodynamics of South China: an introductory note Tectonics and Geodynamics of South China: an introductory note.
30 Nov 2016 A simple heat and moisture transfer model to predict ground temperature for shallow ground heat exchangers
30 Nov 2016 Nu meričke simulacije pronosa izoproturona pri konvencionalnoj obradi tla uz primjenu komposta dobivenog recikliranjem urbanog bio-otpada
24 Nov 2016 Water exchange, mixing and transient storage between a saturated karstic conduit and the surrounding aquifer: groundwater flow modeling and inputs from stable water isotopes.
21 Nov 2016 Effect of biochar amendments on As and Pb mobility and phytoavailability in contaminated mine technosols phytoremediated by Salix.
21 Nov 2016 Rheology of crystal-bearing natural magmas: Torsional deformation experiments at 800°C and 100MPa.
21 Nov 2016 In situ confirmation of permeability development in shearing bubble-bearing melts and implications for volcanic outgassing.
15 Nov 2016 XRD investigation of the intercalation of nacrite with cesium chloride.
15 Nov 2016 The effect of Mg concentration in silicate glasses on CO 2 solubility and solution mechanism: Implication for natural magmatic systems.
15 Nov 2016 Past hydrological variability in the Moroccan Middle Atlas inferred from lakes and lacustrine sediments
15 Nov 2016 Stresses and pressures at the quartz-to-coesite phase transformation in shear- deformation experiments.
14 Nov 2016 Detrital zircon U-Pb ages and Hf isotopic constraints on the terrigenous sediments of the Western Alps and their paleogeographic implications.
14 Nov 2016 Lake Pavin Paleolimnology and Event Stratigraphy.
14 Nov 2016 Lake Pavin Sedimentary Environments
14 Nov 2016 Carbon Cycle in a Meromictic Crater Lake: Lake Pavin, France
10 Nov 2016 Progressive and regressive soil evolution phases in the Anthropocene
03 Nov 2016 Pre-explosive conduit conditions during the 2010 eruption of Merapi volcano (Java, Indonesia)
02 Nov 2016 Giant magmatic water reservoirs at mid-crustal depth inferred from electrical conductivity and the growth of the continental crust
26 Oct 2016 Post-collisional magmatism: Crustal growth not identified by zircon Hf–O isotopes
26 Oct 2016 Effects of a thermal perturbation on mineralogy and pore water composition in a clay-rock: an experimental and modeling study.
10 Oct 2016 Homogeneous bubble nucleation in H2O- and H2O-CO2-bearing basaltic melts: results of high temperature decompression experiments.
10 Oct 2016 Evidence of phase nucleation during olivine diffusion creep: A new perspective for mantle strain localisation
10 Oct 2016 Medium frequency electromagnetic devic e to measure electrical conductivity and 1 dielectric permittivity of soils
05 Oct 2016 Dislocation creep of dry quartz
03 Oct 2016 Erosion under climate and human pressures: An alpine lake sediment perspective.
30 Sep 2016 Confinement of a Nonionic Surfactant Membrane Within a Montmorillonite as a New Way to Prepare Organoclay Materials
30 Sep 2016 Well integrity assessment by a 1:1 scale wellbore experiment: Exposition to dissolved CO2 and overcoring.
28 Sep 2016 Rheological implications of extensional detachments: Mediterranean and numerical insights
27 Sep 2016 Dynamics of soil organic matter based on new Rock-Eval indices.
26 Sep 2016 Collision vs. subduction-related magmatism: two contrasting ways of granite formation and implications for crustal growth
26 Sep 2016 Coupled Organoclay/Micelle Action for the Adsorption of Diclofenac
14 Sep 2016 Characterization and origin of low-T willemite (Zn2SiO4) mineralization: the case of the Bou Arhous deposit (High Atlas, Morocco)
14 Sep 2016 Magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticles as adsorbents for As and Cu removal.
14 Sep 2016 Molecular Biomarkers of Anthropic Impacts in Natural Archives: A Review.
14 Sep 2016 Effect of biochar amendments on the mobility and (bio) availability of As, Sb and Pb in a contaminated mine technosol.
14 Sep 2016 Validité de l’estimation des propriétés de rétention en eau de sols syriens à partir de fonctions et classes de pédotransfert développées pour des sols français.
13 Sep 2016 Origin of the Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous peraluminous granitoids in the northeastern Hunan province (middle Yangtze region), South China: Geodynamic implications for the Paleo-Pacific subduction
13 Sep 2016 Mesozoic intracontinental underthrust in the SE margin of the North China Block: insights from the Xu-Huai thrust-and-fold belt
09 Sep 2016 Long Period (LP) Events on Mt. Etna volcano (Italy): the influence of velocity structures on moment tensor inversion.
08 Aug 2016 Sources of dissolved organic carbon in small volcanic mountainous tropical rivers, examples from Guadeloupe (French West Indies)
04 Aug 2016 Competitive adsorption of a pool of pharmaceuticals onto a raw clay mineral
12 Jul 2016 Cathodoluminescence and electron probe micro-analysis of silcretes and puddingstones: towards a better understanding of silcretization and sourcing quartzitic materials
11 Jul 2016 Triassic tectonics of the Ailaoshan Belt (SW China): Early Triassic collision between the South China and Indochina Blocks, and Middle Triassic intracontinental shearing
05 Jul 2016 Neogene terrestrial sediments: a record of the post-obduction history of New Caledonia
01 Jul 2016 Decomposition kinetics and organic geochemistry of woody debris in a ferralsol in a humid tropical climate
30 Jun 2016 Mapping of a buried basement combining aeromagnetic, gravity and petrophysical data: The substratum of southwest Paris Basin, France
30 Jun 2016 The early Cretaceous orogen-scale Dabieshan metamorphic core complex: implications for extensional collapse of the Triassic HP–UHP orogenic belt in east-central China
29 Jun 2016 Colombian Trapiche Emeralds: Recent Advances in Understanding Their Formation
24 Jun 2016 Exploring the Klinkenberg effect at different scales.
24 Jun 2016 Oxygen isotope heterogeneity of arc magma recorded in plagioclase from the 2010 Merapi eruption (Central Java, Indonesia).
17 Jun 2016 Weathering of limestone after several decades in an urban environment.
13 Jun 2016  The Cenozoic volcanism in the Kivu rift: Assessment of the tectonic setting, geochemistry, and geochronology of the volcanic activity in the South-Kivu and Virunga regions.
10 Jun 2016 Cambrian–early Ordovician volcanism across the South Armorican and Occitan domains of the Variscan Belt in France: Continental break-up and rifting of the northern Gondwana margin.
10 Jun 2016 Late Ordovician (post-Sardic) rifting branches in the North Gondwanan Montagne Noire and Mouthoumet massifs of southern France.
10 Jun 2016 Neon isotopic composition of the mantle constrained by single vesicle analyses.
02 Jun 2016 Constraints from Phase Equilibrium Experiments on Pre-eruptive Storage Conditions in Mixed Magma Systems: a Case Study on Crystal-rich Basaltic Andesites from Mount Merapi, Indonesia.
01 Jun 2016 Magma Storage and Extraction Associated with Plinian and Interplinian Activity at Santorini Caldera (Greece).
01 Jun 2016 Influence of biochars, compost and iron grit, alone and in combination, on copper solubility and phytotoxicity in a Cu-contaminated soil from a wood preservation site.
01 Jun 2016 Gold Solubility Subject to Pressure Variations in Ascending Arc Magmas?
01 Jun 2016 The fate of C 4 and C 3 macrophyte carbon in central Amazon floodplain waters: insights from a batch experiment
30 May 2016  H2O–CO2 solubility in low SiO2-melts and the unique mode of kimberlite degassing and emplacement
26 May 2016 Cosmology in one dimension: Vlasov dynamics.
26 May 2016 Experimental simulation of bubble nucleation and magma ascent in basaltic systems : implications for Stromboli volcano.
17 May 2016  Adsorption of diclofenac onto organoclays: Effects of surfactant and environmental (pH and temperature) conditions
17 May 2016 Origin of primitive ultra-calcic arc melts at crustal conditions — Experimental evidence on the La Sommata basalt, Vulcano, Aeolian Islands
09 May 2016 Soil temperature synchronisation improves representation of diel variability of ecosystem respiration in Sphagnum peatlands
09 May 2016 Equilibrium partial pressure of CO 2 in Callovian-Oxfordian argillite as a func-tion of relative humidity: experiments and modelling
03 May 2016 Experimental Constraints on the Formation of Silicic Magmas
02 May 2016 Applicability of the RSCM geothermometry approach in a complex tectono-metamorphic context: The Jebilet massif case study (Variscan Belt, Morocco)
27 Apr 2016  Oversolubility in the microvicinity of solid-solution interfaces
22 Apr 2016 Antimony deposits in the Variscan Armorican belt, a link with mafic intrusives?
20 Apr 2016 Constraining porewater chemistry in a 250 m thick argillaceous rock se-quence.
20 Apr 2016 Detrital zircon age distribution from Devonian and Carboniferous sandstone in the Southern Variscan Fold-and-Thrust belt (Montagne Noire, French Massif Central), and their bearings on the Variscan belt evolution
18 Apr 2016 Extreme events in the sedimentary record of maar Lake Pavin: Implications for natural hazards assessment in the French Massif Central.
08 Apr 2016 Clayey-sand filter for the pharmaceuticals removal from wastewater effluent: Percolation experiments
29 Mar 2016 Solonker ophiolite in Inner Mongolia, China: A late Permian continental margin-type ophiolite.
29 Mar 2016 Carbon Nanotubes-Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposites for an Improved Osteoblast Cell Response.
29 Mar 2016 Storage and Evolution of Mafic and Intermediate Alkaline Magmas beneath Ross Island, Antarctica.
25 Mar 2016 Semi-brittle flow of granitoid fault rocks in experiments.
25 Mar 2016 Anatomy of the Cycladic Blueschist Unit on Sifnos Island (Cyclades, Greece).
24 Mar 2016 Hydrodynamic Parameters of a Sandy Soil Determined by Ground-Penetrating Radar Monitoring of Porchet Infiltrations.
24 Mar 2016  Hybrid Methodology for Retrieving Thermal Radiative Properties of Semi-Transparent Ceramics.
24 Mar 2016 Nb-Ta fractionation in peraluminous granites: A marker of the magmatic-hydrothermal transition
24 Mar 2016 Growing Negative Pressure in Dissolved Solutes: Raman Monitoring of Solvent-Pulling Effect
21 Mar 2016 Tectonic and stratigraphic evolution of the Western Alboran Sea Basin in the last 25 Myrs
21 Mar 2016 Strain localization in a fossilized subduction channel: Insights from the Cycladic Blueschist Unit (Syros, Greece)
18 Mar 2016 Thermal interaction of middle and upper crust during gneiss dome formation: Example from the Montagne Noire (French Massif Central)
17 Mar 2016 Neo-Tethys geodynamics and mantle convection: from extension to compression in Africa and a conceptual model for obduction.
16 Mar 2016 3D numerical modeling of mantle flow, crustal dynamics and magma genesis associated with slab roll-back and tearing: The eastern Mediterranean case.
16 Mar 2016 Radiocarbon Dating of Recent Intertidal Microbial Mats on Atoll Rims
16 Mar 2016 Kinematic reconstructions and magmatic evolution illuminating crustal and mantle dynamics of the eastern Mediterranean region since the late Cretaceous
11 Mar 2016 Hydroxyapatite With Environmental Applications
10 Mar 2016 Very high geothermal gradient during mantle exhumation recorded in mylonitic marbles and carbonate breccias from a Mesozoic Pyrenean palaeomargin (Lherz area, North Pyrenean Zone, France)
10 Mar 2016  Deformation associated with mantle exhumation in a distal, hot passive margin environment: New constraints from the Saraillé Massif ( Chaınons Bé arnais, North-Pyrenean Zone)
29 Feb 2016 Optical indices and transport scattering coefficient of pyrolytic boron nitride: a natural thermal barrier coating for solar shields
29 Feb 2016 On the influence of the asthenospheric flow on the tectonics and topography at a collision-subduction transition zones: Comparison with the eastern Tibetan margin
29 Feb 2016 Probing permeability and microstructure: Unravelling the role of a low-permeability dome on the explosivity of Merapi (Indonesia).
29 Feb 2016 Cretaceous mantle exhumation in the central Pyrenees: New constraints from the peridotites in eastern Ariège (North Pyrenean zone, France).
19 Feb 2016 Impact of gneissic layering and localized incipient melting upon melt flow during experimental deformation of migmatites.
03 Feb 2016 Characterization and mobility of arsenic and heavy metals in soils polluted by the destruction of arsenic-containing shells from the Great War.
02 Feb 2016 An early extensional event of the South China block during the late Mesozoic recorded by the emplacement of the late Jurassic syntectonic hengshan composite granitic massif (Hunan, SE China).
02 Feb 2016 Organic matter-clay interaction along a seawater column of the Eastern Pacific upwelling system (Antofagasta bay, Chile): Implications for source rock organic matter preservation.
25 Jan 2016 40Ar/39Ar ages of muscovites from modern Himalayan rivers: Himalayan evolution and the relative contribution of tectonics
25 Jan 2016 Diffusive gradients in thin films, Rhizon soil moisture samplers, and indicator plants to predict the bioavailabilities of potentially toxic elements in contaminated technosols
05 Jan 2016 Rhizosphere effects of Populus euramericana Dorskamp on the mobility of Zn, Pb and Cd in contaminated technosols
05 Jan 2016 Aided phytoextraction of Cu, Pb, Zn, and As in copper-contaminated soils with tobacco and sunflower in crop rotation: Mobility and phytoavailability assessment
05 Jan 2016 The molecular structure of melts along the carbonatite–kimberlite–basalt compositional joint: CO2and polymerisation
11 Dec 2015 Isotope tracers to investigate reactive zones in stones from built cultural heritage
10 Dec 2015 Peneplanation and lithosphere dynamics in the Pyrenees
10 Dec 2015 The Rio Peruaçu Basin: An Impressive Multiphased Karst System
10 Dec 2015 Hydrological dynamics and fire history of the last 1300years in western Siberia reconstructed from a high-resolution, ombrotrophic peat archive
10 Dec 2015 An unexpected role for mixotrophs in the response of peatland carbon cycling to climate warming
09 Dec 2015 Impact of Holocene climate variability on lacustrine records and human settlements in South Greenland.
09 Dec 2015 French Alpine Foreland Holocene Paleoseismicity Revealed by Coeval Mass Wasting Deposits in Glacial Lakes
09 Dec 2015 Key factors controlling the real exhaust emissions from earthwork machines
09 Dec 2015 Last millennium sedimentation in the Gulf of Cariaco (NE Venezuela): Evidence for morphological changes of gulf entrance and possible relations with large earthquakes
09 Dec 2015 Veining and post-nappe transtensional faulting in the SW Helvetic Alps (Switzerland)
09 Dec 2015 Structural, mineralogical, and paleoflow velocity constraints on Hercynian tin mineralization: the Achmmach prospect of the Moroccan Central Massif.
08 Dec 2015 Storage and source of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediments downstream of a major coal district in France
08 Dec 2015 Magnetic properties of tektites and other related impact glasses
08 Dec 2015 Ductile extensional shear zones in the lower crust of a passive margin
08 Dec 2015 Zinc-rich clays in supergene non-sulfide zinc deposits.
07 Dec 2015 Centennial to millennial-scale changes in oxygenation and productivity in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific during the last 25,000 years.
07 Dec 2015 Phytoremediation of soils contaminated by organic compounds: hype, hope and facts.
03 Dec 2015 Sandwich organization of non-ionic surfactant liquid crystalline phases as induced by large inorganic K4Nb6O17 nanosheets
02 Dec 2015  Influence of organic matters on AsIII oxidation by the microflora of polluted soils
02 Dec 2015 Groundwater Vulnerability and Risk Mapping Based on Residence Time Distributions: Spatial Analysis for the Estimation of Lumped Parameters
02 Dec 2015 Petrological and Experimental Constraints on the Evolution of Piton de la Fournaise Magmas
02 Dec 2015 Fluids and melts in planetary interiors: From crust to core-mantle boundaries.
26 Nov 2015 Biosignatures on Mars: What, Where, and How? Implications for the Search for Martian Life
26 Nov 2015 Reply to comment by P. Olivier on “Thermal control on the modes of crustal thinning leading to mantle exhumation: Insight from the Cretaceous Pyrenean hot paleomargins”
16 Nov 2015 Experimental mixing of hydrous magmas
16 Nov 2015 Contribution of NAD 2D-NMR in liquid crystals to the determination of hydrogen isotope profile of methyl groups in miliacin
16 Nov 2015 Formation of metamorphic core complexes in non-over-thickened continental crust: A case study of Liaodong Peninsula (East Asia)
16 Nov 2015 The Ikaria high-temperature Metamorphic Core Complex (Cyclades, Greece): Geometry, kinematics and thermal structure
16 Nov 2015 The effect of sulfur on the glass transition temperature in anorthite-diopside eutectic glasses
04 Nov 2015 High-temperature metamorphism during extreme thinning of the continental crust: a reappraisal of the North Pyrenean passive paleomargin
25 Sep 2015 Fe pre-enrichment: A new method to counteract iron loss in experiments on basaltic melts.
25 Sep 2015 Toward a unified model of Altaids geodynamics: Insight from the Palaeozoic polycyclic evolution of West Junggar (NW China).
16 Sep 2015 A new global database of δ 98 Mo in molybdenites: A literature review and new data A new global database of δ 98 Mo in molybdenites : a literature review and new data
03 Sep 2015 Carbon in the Moon
02 Sep 2015 Triassic tectonics of the southern margin of the South China Block
31 Aug 2015 Phytostabilization of As, Sb and Pb by two willow species (S. viminalis and S. purpurea) on former mine technosols
28 Aug 2015 The geological signature of a slab tear below the Aegean
26 Aug 2015 The redox geodynamics linking basalts and their mantle sources through space and time
26 Aug 2015 Lead isotopes tracing weathering and atmospheric deposition in a small volcanic catchment
31 Jul 2015 Comment to “High and highly anisotropic electrical conductivity of the asthenosphere due to hydrogen diffusion in olivine” by Dai and Karato [Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 408 (2014) 79–86]
31 Jul 2015 A NMR and molecular dynamics study of CO2-bearing basaltic melts and glasses
31 Jul 2015  A model for the activity of silica along the carbonatite-kimberlite-mellilitite-basanite melt compositional joint.
30 Jul 2015 Effect of nitrate and ammonium fertilization on Zn, Pb, and Cd phytostabilization by Populus euramericana Dorskamp in contaminated technosol
28 Jul 2015 Stratospheric Ozone destruction by the Bronze-Age Minoan eruption (Santorini Volcano, Greece) OPEN
09 Jul 2015 Viruses Occur Incorporated in Biogenic High-Mg Calcite from Hypersaline Microbial Mats
01 Jul 2015 Modeling the effect of soil meso- and macropores topology on the biodegradation of a soluble carbon substrate
25 Jun 2015 A new Triassic shortening-extrusion tectonic model for Central-Eastern Asia: Structural, geochronological and paleomagnetic investigations in the Xilamulun Fault (North China)
25 Jun 2015  Early Cretaceous extensional reworking of the Triassic HP-UHP metamorphic orogen in Eastern China.
24 Jun 2015 Identifying predation on rodent teeth through structure andcomposition: A case from Morocco.
24 Jun 2015 Monazite U–Th–Pb EPMA and zircon U–Pb SIMS chronological constraints on the tectonic, metamorphic, and thermal events in the inner part of the Variscan orogen, example from the Sioule series, French Massif Central
24 Jun 2015 Archean (3.33 Ga) microbe-sediment systems were diverse and flourished in a hydrothermal context
24 Jun 2015 Effect of fresh and mature organic amendments on the phytoremediation of technosols contaminated with high concentrations of trace elements
24 Jun 2015 Differentiation Conditions of a Basaltic Magma from Santorini, and its Bearing on the Production of Andesite in Arc Settings
18 Jun 2015 Evaluation of Samarium Doped Hydroxyapatite, Ceramics for Medical Application: Antimicrobial Activity
18 Jun 2015 Trends of labile trace metals in tropical urban water under highly contrasted weather conditions.
18 Jun 2015 The Last Termination in the South Indian Ocean: A unique terrestrial record from Kerguelen Islands (49°S) situated within the Southern Hemisphere westerly belt
17 Jun 2015 Volcanic Influences on the Carbon, Sulfur, and Halogen Biogeochemical Cycles.
17 Jun 2015 Cell Based Associations: A procedure for considering scarce and mixed mineral occurrences in predictive mapping
17 Jun 2015 Internal structures and dating of non-sulphide Zn deposits 5 using rock magnetism: insights from the Moroccan High Atlas
17 Jun 2015 In situ and laboratory non-additive litter mixture effect on C dynamics of Sphagnum rubellum and Molinia caerulea litters
16 Jun 2015 Fluid circulation in the depths of accretionary prisms: an example of the Shimanto Belt, Kyushu, Japan
16 Jun 2015 Fracture of magma containing overpressurised pores
12 Jun 2015 Experimental warming interacts with soil moisture to discriminate plant responses in an ombrotrophic peatland
12 Jun 2015 Adsorption Mechanisms of Emerging Micro-pollutants with a clay Mineral: Case of Tramadol and Doxepine Pharmaceutical Products.
12 Jun 2015 Geyserite in Hot-Spring Siliceous Sinter: Window on Earth’s Hottest Terrestrial (Paleo)environment and its Extreme Life
30 Apr 2015 Relationships between type I and type II chondrules: Implications on chondrule formation processes
24 Apr 2015 A contribution to the synsedimentary versus epigenetic origin of the Cu mineralizations hosted by terminal Neoproterozoic to Cambrian formations of the Bou Azzer–El Graara inlier: New insights from the Jbel Laassel deposit (Anti Atlas, Morocco)
24 Apr 2015 Potentially toxic element phytoavailability assessment in Technosols from former smelting and mining areas.
24 Apr 2015 Interactions between plutonism and detachments during Metamorphic Core Complex formation, Serifos Island (Cyclades, Greece)
13 Apr 2015 Degradation mechanisms of reinforcing iron rebars in monuments: the role of multiscale porosity in the formation of corrosion products investigated by X-ray tomography
13 Apr 2015 Stress rotations and the long-term weakness of the Median Tectonic Line and the Rokko-Awaji Segment
10 Apr 2015 Variscan crustal thickening in the Maures-Tanneron massif (South Variscan belt, France): new in situ monazite U-Th-Pb chemical dating of high-grade rocks.
09 Apr 2015 Extensional tectonics in the Hercynian Armorican belt (France). An overview
08 Apr 2015 Multiphase melting, magma emplacement and P-T-time path in late-collisional context: the Velay example (Massif Central, France).
08 Apr 2015 A turning-point in the evolution of the Variscan orogen: the ca. 325 Ma regional partial-melting event of the coastal South Armorican domain (South Brittany and Vendée, France)
03 Apr 2015 Reinforcing the origin of volcanic rocks from the Massif Central through the isotopic composition of lead and strontium
16 Mar 2015 Sedimentological and geochronological constraints on the Carboniferous evolution of central Inner Mongolia, southeastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Inland sea deposition in a post-orogenic setting
11 Mar 2015 Removal of methyl violet 2B dye from aqueous solution using a magnetic composite as an adsorbent
10 Mar 2015 Road LCA: the dedicated ECORCE tool and database.
10 Mar 2015 Transport of metals and sulphur in magmas by flotation of sulphide melt on vapour bubbles.
06 Mar 2015 New insights on the Sorbas Basin (SE Spain): the onshore reference of the Messinian Salinity Crisis
06 Mar 2015 Megacrystals track magma convection between reservoir and surface.
05 Mar 2015 Tracking long-term human impacts on landscape, vegetal biodiversity and water quality in the Lake Aydat catchment (Auvergne, France) using pollen, non-pollen palynomorphs and diatom assemblages
05 Mar 2015 Simulating the behavior of volatiles belonging to the C-O-H-S system in silicate melts under magmatic conditions with the software d-compress
05 Mar 2015  Global Boundary Lines of N2O and CH4 Emission in Peatlands.
05 Mar 2015 A multidiscipline method of geological survey, seismic profile and gravity measurement applied to fold-and-thrust belt: a case study along the Hutubi River in the northern piedmont of Tianshan
05 Mar 2015 Continental Break-up and the dynamics of rifting in back-arc basins : the Gulf of Lion margin.
20 Feb 2015 Economic geology: Gold buried by oxygen
19 Feb 2015 Age of Alpine Corsica ophiolites revisited: Insights from in situ zircon U-Pb age and O-Hf isotopes.
18 Feb 2015 Increase in soil erosion after agricultural intensification: evidence from a lowland basin in France
16 Feb 2015 Late-Hercynian Intrusion-related gold deposits: an integrated model on the Tighza polymetallic district, central Morocco
16 Feb 2015 Testing the ability of the ExoMars 2018 pay- load to document geological context and potential habitability on Mars
12 Feb 2015 Evolution of pastoralism in Southern Greenland during the last two millennia reconstructed from bile acids and coprophilous fungal spores in lacustrine sediments
10 Feb 2015 Coupled phengite 40Ar–39Ar geochronology and thermobarometry: P-T-t evolution of Andros Island (Cyclades, Greece)
10 Feb 2015 A turning-point in the evolution of the Variscan orogen : the ca. 325 Ma regional partial-melting event of the coastal South Armorican Domain (South Brittany and Vendée, France)
28 Jan 2015  Permeability of sheeted dykes beneath oceanic ridges: Strain experiments coupled with 3D numerical modeling of the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus.
20 Jan 2015  Experimental warming differentially affects microbial structure and activity in two contrasted moisture sites in a Sphagnum-dominated peatland
19 Jan 2015 Exhumation kinematics of the Cycladic Blueschists unit and back-arc extension, insight from the Southern Cyclades (Sikinos and Folegandros Islands, Greece)
19 Jan 2015 Back-thrusting response of continental collision: Early Cretaceous NW-directed thrusting in the Changle-Nan’ao belt (Southeast China)
19 Jan 2015 Le skarn Mo-W-Cu à grenat, wollastonite, pyroxène et vésuvianite d’Azegour (Haut-Atlas, Maroc)
12 Jan 2015 Advances in Functionalized Materials Research
12 Jan 2015 Hydrodynamic parameters of a sandy soil determined by Ground-Penetrating Radar inside a single ring infiltrometer
12 Jan 2015 Transfer and degradation of polyacrylamide based flocculants in hydrosystems: a review
12 Jan 2015 Initial geometry and paleoflow reconstruction of the Yamansu skarn-related iron deposit of eastern Tianshan (China) from paleomagnetic and magnetic fabrics investigations
12 Jan 2015 Shortening of the European Dauphinois margin (Oisans Massif, Western Alps): New insights from RSCM maximum temperature estimates and 40Ar/39Ar in situ dating
12 Jan 2015 3D modelling of the Sorbas Basin (Spain): new constraints on the Messinian Erosional Surface morphology
12 Jan 2015 Timescales of bubble coalescence, outgassing, and foam collapse in decompressed rhyolitic melts.
19 Dec 2014 Reply to the comment on the paper “Lago Mare and the Messinian Salinity Crisis: Evidence from the Alboran Sea (S. Spain) by Do Couto et al. (2014) Marine and Petroleum Geology 52 (57–76)” authored by Serrano and Guerra-Merchán
19 Dec 2014 Toward a unified hydrous olivine electrical conductivity law
19 Dec 2014 Mechanical properties and processes of deformation in shallow sedimentary rocks from subduction zones: an experimental study
19 Dec 2014 The Ronda peridotite (Spain): A natural template for seismic anisotropy in subduction wedges
17 Dec 2014 On the conditions of magma mixing and its bearing on andesite production in the crust
16 Dec 2014 South Tropical Atlantic anti-phase response to Holocene Bond Events
15 Dec 2014 Effect of copper content on the synthesis and properties of (Mg4−xCux)Al2OH12CO3, nH2O layered double hydroxides.
15 Dec 2014 Corrigendum to “The kinematics of central-southern Turkey and northwest Syria revisited” [Tectonophysics 618 (2014) 35–66]
15 Dec 2014 Cretaceous syn-sedimentary faulting in the Wildhorn Nappe (SW Switzerland)
11 Dec 2014 A cross-section analysis of sedimentary organic matter in a mangrove ecosystem under dry climate conditions: The Somone estuary, Senegal
11 Dec 2014 Nature and Evolution of Primitive Vesuvius Magmas: an Experimental Study.
11 Dec 2014 Integrated multidisciplinary approach to constrain range fronts structure, a case study of the northern Tianshan piedmont (NW China)
10 Dec 2014 Anchovy population and ocean-climatic fluctuations in the Humboldt Current System during the last 700 years and their implications
10 Dec 2014 Elaboration and characterization of materials obtained by pressing of vermiculite without binder addition
09 Dec 2014 High frequency floral changes at the Paleocene–Eocene boundary revealed by comparative biomarker and palynological studies
09 Dec 2014 GR Focus Review From Mesozoic rifting to Apennine orogeny: The Gran Sasso range (Italy)
08 Dec 2014 Chloride partitioning and solubility in hydrous phonolites from Erebus volcano: A contribution towards a multi-component degassing model
08 Dec 2014 Effects of temperature, pressure and chemical compositions on the electrical conductivity of carbonated melts and its relationship with viscosity
08 Dec 2014 CO 2 Solubility in Kimberlite melts CO 2 Solubility in Kimberlite melts.
08 Dec 2014 The effect of pressure and water concentration on the electrical conductivity of dacitic melts: Implication for magnetotelluric imaging in subduction areas
08 Dec 2014 Melilite-bearing lavas in Mayotte (France): An insight into the mantle source below the Comores
08 Dec 2014 Numerical simulation of water flow in tile and mole drainage systems 1 2
08 Dec 2014 Characteristic Textures of Recrystallized, Peritectic, and Primary Magmatic Olivine in Experimental Samples and Natural Volcanic Rocks.
03 Dec 2014 Distribution of dissolved water in magmatic glass records growth and resorption of bubbles
03 Dec 2014 The kinematics of central-southern Turkey and northwest Syria revisited
03 Dec 2014 Anomalous fluid properties of carbon dioxide in the supercritical region – Application to geological CO 2 storage and related hazards
03 Dec 2014 Structural, petrological and chemical analysis of syn-kinematic migmatites: insights from the Western Gneiss Region, Norway
02 Dec 2014 Differentiated rare-element mineralization in an ongonite − topazite composite dike at the Xianghualing tin district, Southern China: an electron-microprobe study on the evolution from niobium-tantalum-oxides to cassiterite
02 Dec 2014 Mechanical assessment of trabecular bone stiffness using hybrid skeleton and finite element analysis
01 Dec 2014 Nonionic organoclay: A ‘Swiss Army knife’ for the adsorption of organic micro-pollutants?
27 Nov 2014 Fractal dimension computation from equal mass partitions
27 Nov 2014 Raman-in-SEM, a multimodal and multiscale analytical tool: Performance for materials and expertise
17 Sep 2014 Driving the upper plate surface deformation by slab rollback and mantle flow
08 Sep 2014 Toxicity Evaluation following Intratracheal Instillation of Iron Oxide in a Silica Matrix in Rats
28 Aug 2014 Raman-in-SEM studies of inorganic materials
26 Aug 2014 A theoretical framework for volcanic degassing chemistry in a comparative planetology perspective and implications for planetary atmospheres
26 Aug 2014 Tetraethyl Orthosilicate Coated Hydroxyapatite Powders for Lead Ions Removal from Aqueous Solutions
26 Aug 2014 Indirect effects of experimental warming on dissolved organic carbon content in subsurface peat
22 Aug 2014 Modification and modeling of water ingress in limestone after application of a biocalcification treatment
22 Aug 2014 Spatial variability of soil lipids reflects vegetation cover in a French peatland
21 Aug 2014 Multi-proxy orbital chronology in the aftermath of the Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a: Palaeoceanographic implications (Serre Chaitieu section, Vocontian Basin, SE France)
21 Aug 2014 Orbital chronology of the lower-middle Aptian: palaeoenvironmental implications (Serre Chaitieu section, Vocontian Basin).
21 Aug 2014 Indicators of Soil Physical Quality: From Simplicity to Complexity
21 Aug 2014 Inferred Conduit Network Geometry from Geological Evidences and Water-Head in a Fluvio-Karstic System (Val D’Orleans, France)
21 Aug 2014 Collision kinematics in the western external Alps
21 Aug 2014 Assessment of pedotransfer functions for estimating soil water retention curves for the amazon region Avaliação de funções de pedotranferência para estimar curvas de retenção de água do solo na região amazônica
20 Aug 2014  A relatively reduced Hadean continental crust and implications for the early atmosphere and crustal rheology
20 Aug 2014 Unusual Micrometric Calcite–Aragonite Interface in the Abalone Shell Haliotis (Mollusca, Gastropoda)
20 Aug 2014 From crustal anatexis to mantle melting in the Variscan orogen of Corsica (France): SIMS U–Pb zircon age constraints
20 Aug 2014 Heat capacity, configurational heat capacity and fragility of hydrous magmas
18 Aug 2014 Porous Methyltrimethoxysilane Coated Nanoscale-Hydroxyapatite for Removing Lead Ions from Aqueous Solutions
28 Jul 2014 Interpreting CO2–SIc relationship to estimate CO2 baseline in limestone aquifers
07 Jul 2014 Effect of organic amendments on the mobility of trace elements in phytoremediated techno-soils: role of the humic substances
04 Jul 2014 Size Effect in Metastable Water
03 Jul 2014 Systematic investigation and in vitro biocompatibility studies on mesoporous europium doped hydroxyapatite
02 Jul 2014 Occurrence of 1,1′-dimethyl-4,4′-bipyridinium (Paraquat) in irrigated soil of the Lake Chad Basin, Niger
02 Jul 2014 Tectonic inversion of an asymmetric graben: insights from a combined field and gravity survey in the Sorbas basin
02 Jul 2014 Thermal control on the modes of crustal thinning leading to mantle exhumation. Insights from the Cretaceous Pyrenean hot paleomargins.
02 Jul 2014 The Fate of Sulfur During Fluid-Present Melting of Subducting Basaltic Crust at Variable Oxygen Fugacity
02 Jul 2014 Water and acrylamide monomer transfer rates from a settling basin to groundwaters
02 Jul 2014 Long-term evolution of an accretionary prism: The case study of the Shimanto Belt, Kyushu, Japan
02 Jul 2014 BSA and lysozyme adsorption on homoionic montmorillonite: Influence of the interlayer cation
02 Jul 2014 Modeling the effect of soil structure on water flow and isoproturon dynamics in an agricultural field receiving repeated urban waste compost application
01 Jul 2014 Remobilisation of uranium from contaminated freshwater sediments by bioturbation
01 Jul 2014 iopolymer nanocomposites based on poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) reinforced by a nonionic organoclay
01 Jul 2014 Carbon dioxide in silica-undersaturated melt Part I: The effect of mixed alkalis (K and Na) on CO2 solubility and speciation
30 Jun 2014 The Mount Manengouba, a complex volcano of the Cameroon Line: Volcanic history, petrological and geochemical features
20 Jun 2014 Multi-depth electrical resistivity survey for mapping soil units within two 3 ha plots
13 Jun 2014 Unusual micrometric calcite-aragonite interface in the abalone shell Haliotis (Mollusca, Gastropoda)
10 Jun 2014 Mantle dynamics in the Mediterranean
10 Jun 2014 Mineralogical and microtextural parameters in metals ores traceability studies
06 Jun 2014 Amphibole as an archivist of magmatic crystallization conditions: problems, potential, and implications for inferring magma storage prior to the paroxysmal 2010 eruption of Mount Merapi, Indonesia
03 Jun 2014 Magma Storage Conditions of Large Plinian Eruptions of Santorini Volcano (Greece)
21 May 2014 Early Paleozoic tectonic evolution of the Xing-Meng Orogenic Belt: constraints from detrital zircon geochronology of western Erguna-Xing’an Block, North China
14 May 2014 Mobility and phytoavailability of Cu, Cr, Zn, and As in a contaminated soil at a wood preservation site after 4 years of aided phytostabilization
14 May 2014 Representative elementary volume assessment of three-dimensional x-ray microtomography images of heterogeneous materials: Application to limestones
14 May 2014 Variscan orogeny in Corsica: new structural and geochronological insights, and its place in the Variscan geodynamic framework
14 May 2014 Synthesis of Al doped ZnO nanoparticles by aqueous coprecipitation
13 May 2014 Comment on “Geochronology and geochemistry of submarine volcanic rocks in the Yamansu iron deposit, Eastern Tianshan Mountains, NW China: Constraints on the metallogenesis” by Tong Hou, Zhaochong Zhang, M. Santosh, John Encarnacion, Jiang Zhu, Wenjua
13 May 2014 Geological environment of karst within chalk using airborne time domain electromagnetic data cross-interpreted with boreholes
06 May 2014 Electrical conductivity during incipient melting in the oceanic low-velocity zone
30 Apr 2014 Pyroclast textural variation as an indicator of eruption column steadiness in andesitic Plinian eruptions at Mt. Ruapehu
30 Apr 2014 Tephrochronology of the Mont-Dore volcanic Massif (Massif Central, France): new 40Ar/39Ar constraints on the Late Pliocene and Early Pleistocene activity
30 Apr 2014 Local redox buffering by carbon at low pressures and the formation of moissanite – natural SiC
30 Apr 2014 The effect of CO2 and H2O on Etna and Fondo Riccio (Phlegrean Fields) liquid viscosity, glass transition temperature and heat capacity
30 Apr 2014 First Clarkforkian Equivalent Land Mammal Age in the Latest Paleocene Basal Sparnacian Facies of Europe: Fauna, Flora, Paleoenvironment and (Bio)stratigraphy
29 Apr 2014 B-type olivine fabric induced by grain boundary sliding
28 Mar 2014 Amazon River carbon dioxide outgassing fuelled by wetlands
27 Mar 2014 Tracking the changing oxidation state of Erebus magmas, from mantle to surface, driven by magma ascent and degassing
27 Mar 2014 Notice explicative de la Carte géologiques du Maroc (1/50 000), feuille Aït Ahmane
27 Mar 2014 Notes et Mémoires du service Géologique du Maroc, 535 bis (2013) Carte
27 Mar 2014 Notice explicative carte géologique Maroc (1/50 000), feuille Al Glo’a
27 Mar 2014 Late paleozoic pre and syn-kinematic plutons of the Kangguer-Huangshan shear zone : inference on the tectonic evolution of the eastern Chinese North Tianshan
26 Mar 2014 Magmas trapped at the continental lithosphere–asthenosphere boundary
06 Mar 2014 Bottom-up solution chemistry approaches for nanostructured thermolectric materials
06 Mar 2014 Experimental fossilisation of the thermophilic Gram-positive bacterium Geobacillus SP7A: a long duration preservation study.
04 Mar 2014 Electrical multi-depth survey to assess soil cover spatial organization
04 Mar 2014 Analysis of the scientific capabilities of the ExoMars Raman Laser
04 Mar 2014 Tracking Holocene glacial and high-altitude alpine environments fluctuations from minerogenic and organic markers in proglacial lake sediments (Lake Blanc Huez, Western French Alps)
03 Mar 2014 Rheological conditions for emplacement of Ural-Alaskan-type ultramafic complexes
19 Feb 2014 Strain weakening enables continental plate tectonics
19 Feb 2014 Lago Mare and the Messinian Salinity Crisis: Evidence from the Alboran Sea (S. Spain)
05 Feb 2014 Origin of the high sensitivity of Chinese red clay soils to drought: significance of the clay characteristics
05 Feb 2014 Potential impacts of leakage from CO2geological storage ongeochemical processes controlling fresh groundwater quality : A review
31 Jan 2014 Prediction of copper and chromium concentrations in bean leaves based on an artificial neural network model
31 Jan 2014 U-Pb dating of the Madeira Suite and structural control of the albite-enriched granite at Pitinga (Amazonia, Brazil): Evolution of the A-type magmatism and implications for the genesis of the Madeira Sn-Ta-Nb (REE, cryolite) world-class deposit
31 Jan 2014 Basement shear zones development and shortening kinematics in the Ecrins Massif, Western Alps
16 Jan 2014 Distribution of porphyry copper deposits along the western Tethyan and Andean subduction zones: Insights from a paleotectonic approach
16 Jan 2014 The Apparent Polar Wander Path of the Tarim block (NW China) since the Neoproterozoic and its implications for a long-term Tarim–Australia connection
16 Jan 2014 Redox conditions in a coastal zone of the Humboldt System (Mejillones, 23° S). Influence on the preservation of redox-sensitive metals
07 Jan 2014 Potentially toxic element fractionation in technosoils using two sequential extraction schemes
06 Jan 2014 Modes of continental rifting as a function of ductile strain localization in the lithospheric mantle
06 Jan 2014 The parisite-(Ce) mineralization associated with the Fazenda Varela carbonatite (Correia Pinto, SC)
13 Dec 2013 Potential of SPOT Multispectral Satellite Images for Mapping Topsoil Organic Carbon Content over Peri-Urban Croplands
06 Dec 2013 Evolution of the crustal magma plumbing system during the build-up to the 22-ka caldera-forming eruption of Santorini (Greece)
06 Dec 2013  Geochronological constraint of Early Mesozoic tectonic event at Northeast Vietnam
06 Dec 2013 Tracing the magmatic/hydrothermal transition in regional low-strain zones: The role of magma dynamics in strain localization at pluton roof, implications for intrusion-related gold deposits
28 Nov 2013 Geochronological constraint of Early Mesozoic tectonic event at Northeast Vietnam
28 Nov 2013 Evidence for Storegga tsunami run-up at the head of Nordfjord, western Norway
27 Nov 2013 Carbon sinks in small Sahelian lakes as an unexpected effect of land use changes since the 1960s (Saga Gorou and Dallol Bosso, SW Niger)
26 Nov 2013 Confined water in complex networks: unifying our understanding of pore water and solutes at all scales
21 Nov 2013 Recent climatic and anthropogenic imprints on lacustrine systems in the Pyrenean Mountains inferred from minerogenic and organic clastic supply (Vicdessos valley, Pyrenees, France)
20 Nov 2013  A new method of reconstructing the P-T conditions of fluid circulation in an accretionary prism (Shimanto, Japan) from microthermometry of methane-bearing aqueous inclusions
19 Nov 2013 Late-Holocene NAO and oceanic forcing on high-altitude proglacial sedimentation (Lake Bramant, Western French Alps)
14 Nov 2013 Volcanic Degassing: Process and Impact
29 Oct 2013 North–south palaeohydrological contrasts in the central Mediterranean during the Holocene: tentative synthesis and working hypotheses
29 Oct 2013 Thermodynamic properties of interfacial water from its infrared signatures
28 Oct 2013 Effect of sonication conditions: solvent, time, temperature and reactor type on the preparation of micron sized vermiculite particles
24 Oct 2013 A 2000 year long seasonal record of floods in the southern European Alps
23 Oct 2013 Quantification of dissolved CO2 in silicate glasses using micro-Raman spectroscopy
23 Oct 2013 Petrological Insights into Shifts in Eruptive Styles at Volcán Llaima (Chile)
18 Oct 2013 Self-assembly of a non-ionic surfactant onto a clay mineral for the preparation of hybrid layered materials
18 Oct 2013 Spatial chemical variability of soil lipids reflects surrounding biodiversity in a french peatbog
18 Oct 2013 Spatial statistical analysis applied to rare-element LCT-type pegmatite fields: an original approach to constrain faults- pegmatites-granites relationships
16 Oct 2013 Effect of sulphur on the structure of silicate melts under oxidizing conditions
16 Oct 2013 Early paleozoic depositional environment and intraplate tectoono-magmatism in the cathaysia block (South China) : Evidence from stratigraphic, structural, geochemical and geochronological investigations
02 Oct 2013 Application of an inverse neural network model for the identification of optimal amendment to reduce Copper toxicity in phytoremediated contaminated soils
02 Oct 2013 Are there any active faults within the Lepontine dome (central Alps)?
02 Oct 2013 From ductile to brittle, late- to post-orogenic evolution of the Betic Cordillera: Structural insights from the northeastern Internal zones
27 Sep 2013 Habitability on Mars from a Microbial Point of View
17 Sep 2013 Millennial-scale phase relationships between ice-core and Mediterranean marine records: insights from high-precision 40Ar/39Ar dating of the Green Tuff of Pantelleria, Sicily Strait
17 Sep 2013 Image processing for the non-destructive characterization of porous media. Application to limestones and trabecular bones
09 Sep 2013 High precision Mg isotope measurements of meteoritic samples by secondary ion mass spectrometry
09 Sep 2013 The Sugetbrak basalts from northwestern Tarim Block of northwest China: Geochronology, geochemistry and implications for Rodinia breakup and ice age in the Late Neoproterozoic
09 Sep 2013 New isotopic constraints on age and magma genesis of an embryonic oceanic crust: The Chenaillet Ophiolite in the Western Alps
06 Sep 2013 Mantle convection in the Middle East: Reconciling Afar upwelling, Arabia indentation and Aegean trench rollback
05 Sep 2013 Evidence for Paleocene-Eocene evolution of the foot of the Eurasian margin (Kermanshah ophiolite, SW Iran) from back-arc to arc: Implications for regional geodynamics and obduction
04 Sep 2013 Geochronology and isotope analysis of the Late Paleozoic to Mesozoic granitoids from Northeastern Vietnam and implications for the evolution of the South China block
04 Sep 2013 Origin and tectonic significance of the Huangling massif within the Yangtze craton, South China
03 Sep 2013 The Early Andean subduction system as an analogue to island arcs: evidence from across-arc geochemical variations in northern Chile
03 Sep 2013 Non-sulfide zinc deposits of the Moroccan High Atlas: Multi-scale characterization and origin
03 Sep 2013 A new Late Cretaceous to Present APWP for Asia and its implications for paleomagnetic shallow inclinations in Central Asia and Cenozoic Eurasian plate deformation
02 Sep 2013 Image processing for the non destructive characterization of porous media. Application to limestones and trabecular bones
28 Aug 2013 Middle Carboniferous intracontinental subduction in the Outer Zone of the Variscan Belt (Montagne Noire Axial Zone, French Massif Central). A multimethod geochronological approach of the polyphase metamorphism
26 Aug 2013 Detecting climatic signals in an anthropogenically disturbed catchment: The late-Holocene record from the Petit Lac d’Annecy, French Alps.
23 Aug 2013 Assessment of trace metals during episodic events using DGT passive sampler: A proposal for water management enhancement
23 Aug 2013 Water and Bromide Dynamics in a Soil Amended with Different Urban Composts
22 Aug 2013 Spatial and temporal variations of glacial erosion in the Rhône valley (Swiss Alps): Insights from numerical modeling
22 Aug 2013 Pesticide contamination interception strategy and removal efficiency in forest buffer and artificial wetland in a tile-drained agricultural watershed
22 Aug 2013 Increased nitrogen availability in soil after repeated compost applications: Use of the PASTIS model to separate short and long-term effects
21 Aug 2013 Lower Paleogene denudation of Upper Cretaceous cover of the Morvan Massif and southeastern Paris Basin (France) revealed by AFT thermochronology and constrained by stratigraphy and paleosurfaces
21 Aug 2013 Neural network and Monte Carlo simulation approach to investigate variability of copper concentration in phytoremediated contaminated soils
21 Aug 2013 Tectono-stratigraphic history of the southern Junggar basin: seismic profiling evidences
20 Aug 2013 Study on Europium Doped Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Their Antimicrobial Properties
20 Aug 2013 Structure and petrology of Pan-African nepheline syenites from the South West Cameroon; Implications for their emplacement mode, petrogenesis and geodynamic significance
20 Aug 2013 Linking water quality changes to geochemical processes occurring in a reactive soil column during treated wastewater infiltration using a large-scale pilot experiment: Insights into Mn behavior
20 Aug 2013 Simultaneous estimation of actual litter enzymatic catalysis and respiration rates with a simple model of C dynamics in Sphagnum-dominated peatlands
19 Aug 2013 Sedimentary evidence of soil organic matter input to the Curuai Amazonian floodplain
19 Aug 2013 Distribution of miliacin (olean-18-en-3β-ol methyl ether) and related compounds in broomcorn millet (Panicum miliaceum) and other reputed sources: Implications for the use of sedimentary miliacin as a tracer of millet
12 Jul 2013 Functional test of pedotransfer functions to predict water flow and solute transport with the dual-permeability model MACRO
12 Jul 2013 Magnetic Properties and Biological Activity Evaluation of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
04 Jul 2013 Shallow vent architecture during hybrid explosive-effusive activity at Cordón Caulle (Chile, 2011-12): Evidence from direct observations and pyroclast textures
03 Jul 2013 Hanging wall deformation of a seismogenic megasplay fault in an accretionary prism: The Nobeoka Thrust in southwestern Japan
03 Jul 2013 Coupled SEM-microRaman system: A powerful tool to characterize a micrometric aluminum-phosphate–sulfate (APS)
25 Jun 2013 Fast mapping of magnetic basement depth, structure and nature using aeromagnetic and gravity data: combined methods and their application in the Paris Basin
24 Jun 2013 Organic Geochemistry of the Cenomanian–Turonian Bahloul Formation Petroleum Source Rock, Central and Northern Tunisia
24 Jun 2013  Can Rock-Eval pyrolysis assess the biogeochemical composition of organic matter during peatification?
20 Jun 2013 Climate and vegetation changes during the Lateglacial and early-middle Holocene at Lake Ledro (southern Alps, Italy)
14 Jun 2013 Carbon Cycling and Organic Radiocarbon Reservoir Effect in a Meromictic Crater Lake (Lac Pavin, Puy-de-Dôme, France)
14 Jun 2013 A multidisciplinary study on the emplacement mechanism of the Qingyang-Jiuhua Massif in Southeast China and its tectonic bearings. Part I: structural geology, AMS and paleomagnetism
10 Jun 2013 Influence of surface conductivity on the apparent zeta potential of TiO2 nanoparticles: application to the modeling of their aggregation kinetics
10 Jun 2013 Miliacin in palaeosols from an Early Iron Age in Ukraine reveal in situ cultivation of broomcorn millet
07 Jun 2013 Refining the Sarliève palaeolake (France) Neolithic chronology by combining several radiocarbon approaches
04 Jun 2013 Chemical weathering and erosion rates in the Lesser Antilles: an overview in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Dominica
03 Jun 2013 A revision of the structure and stratigraphy of pre-Green Tuff ignimbrites at Pantelleria (Strait of Sicily)
30 May 2013 Generation of CO2-rich melts during basalt magma ascent and degassing
30 May 2013 Storage conditions and eruptive dynamics of central versus flank eruptions in volcanic islands: the case of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)
23 May 2013 Equilibrium Partial Pressure of CO2 in the Callovo-Oxfordian Argillite as a Function of Relative Humidity.
06 May 2013 “Memory loss” during mineral processing: Application to base metals traceability
02 May 2013 SPORT: A new sub-nanosecond time-resolved instrument to study swift heavy ion-beam induced luminescence – Application to luminescence degradation of a fast plastic scintillator
02 May 2013 Macroscopic Thermodynamics of Interfaces at Water Pore Scales: Effects on Water-Rock Interactions and Mass Transfer
02 May 2013 The north cycladic detachment system and associated mineralization, Mykonos, Greece: Insights on the evolution of the Aegean domain
02 May 2013 Did the Paleo-Asian Ocean between North China Block and Mongolia Block exist during the Late Paleozoic? First paleomagnetic evidence from central-eastern Inner Mongolia, China
02 May 2013 The co-effect of organic matrix from carp otolith and microenvironment on calcium carbonate mineralization
02 May 2013 Effect of grain size distribution on Raman analyses and the consequences for in situ planetary missions
02 May 2013 Missions to Mars: Characterization of Mars analogue rocks for the International Space Analogue Rockstore (ISAR)
19 Apr 2013 Mass-movement and flood-induced deposits in Lake Ledro, southern Alps, Italy: implications for Holocene palaeohydrology and natural hazards
19 Apr 2013 A fresh look at crystals in the Bishop Tuff
17 Apr 2013 Experimental Assessment of the R 1 elationships Between Electrical Resistivity, Crustal Melting and Strain Localization beneath the Himalayan-Tibetan Belt
16 Apr 2013 Experimental Phase-equilibrium Constraints on the Phonolite Magmatic System of Erebus Volcano, Antarctica
12 Apr 2013 Unconformity between a Late Miocene–Pliocene accretionary prism (Nishizaki Formation) and Pliocene trench-slope sediments (Kagamigaura Formation), central Japan
09 Apr 2013  On the occurrence of gold mineralization in the Pala Neoproterozoic formations, South-Western Chad
09 Apr 2013 The Bouznika Cambrian barite deposit (Morocco), an early mineralization on the Iapetus margin
02 Apr 2013 Infrared confocal microscope: Application to infrared 3D spectral imaging
29 Mar 2013 Fluorine-rich xenotime from the world-class madeira Nb-Ta-Sn deposit associated with the albite-enriched granite aat Pitinga, Amazonia, Brazil
29 Mar 2013 How are the emplacement of rare-element pegmatites, regional metamorphism and magmatism interrelated in the Moldanubian domain of the variscan bohemian massif, Czech Republic ?
27 Mar 2013 Effects of a short-term experimental microclimate warming on the abundance and distribution of branched GDGTs in a French peatland
25 Mar 2013 A novel growth process of calcium carbonate crystals in silk fibroin hydrogel system
25 Mar 2013 Nanotribology of nacre: Anisotropic dissipation in a multiscale hybrid material
25 Mar 2013 Storage and eruption of near-liquidus rhyolite magma at Cordón Caulle, Chile
25 Mar 2013 Structure of hydrothermal convection in the Upper Rhine Graben as inferred from corrected temperature data and basin-scale numerical models
21 Mar 2013 Paleohydrological and paleoenvironmental changes recorded in terrestrial sediments of the Paleocene-Eocene boundary (Normandy, France)
07 Mar 2013 Dating carbonaceous matter in archean cherts by electron paramagnetic resonance
05 Mar 2013 The Neoproterozoic-Early Paleozoic tectonic evolution of the South China Block: An overview
05 Mar 2013 First Triassic palaeomagnetic constraints from Junggar (NW China) and their implications for the Mesozoic tectonics in Central Asia
20 Feb 2013 The rheological transition in plagioclase-bearing magmas
12 Feb 2013 Introduction: Hydrogen isotopes as environmental recorders
31 Jan 2013  Application of neural network model for the prediction of Chromium concentration in phytoremediated contaminated soils
30 Jan 2013 Annual fossil organic carbon delivery due to mechanical and chemical weathering of marly badlands areas
30 Jan 2013 A double layer model of the gas bubble/water interface
29 Jan 2013 Hydrogen emissions from Erebus volcano, Antarctica
28 Jan 2013 Sedimentary cannabinol tracks the history of hemp retting
28 Jan 2013 6,700-year sedimentary record of climatic and anthropic signals in Lake Aydat (French Massif Central)
28 Jan 2013 Architecture and evolution of accretionary orogens in the altaids collage : the early paleozoic west junggar (nw china).
22 Jan 2013 Trachyte phase relations and implication for magma storage conditions in the Chaîne des Puys (French Massif Central)
22 Jan 2013 Structure, Orientation and Stability of Lysozyme Confined in layered Materials
21 Jan 2013 Structural and kinematic analysis of the Early Paleozoic Ondor Sum-Hongqi mélange belt, eastern part of the Altaids (CAOB) in Inner Mongolia, China
09 Jan 2013 Backward tracking of gas chemistry measurements at Erebus volcano
08 Jan 2013 Conservation of a permanent hypersaline lake: management options evaluated from decadal variability of Coleofasciculus chthonoplastes microbial mats
07 Jan 2013 Textures of Peritectic Crystals as Guides to Reactive Minerals in Magmatic Systems: New Insights from Melting Experiments
20 Dec 2012 Effects of experimental reheating of natural basaltic ash at different temperatures and redox conditions
20 Dec 2012 Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study of a Photosynthetic Microbial Mat and Comparison with Archean Cherts
20 Dec 2012 A coherent picture of water at extreme negative pressure.
20 Dec 2012 Archives lacustres de l'évolution du climat et des activités humaines récentes dans les Pyrénées Ariégeoises au cours de l'holocène (Etang Majeur, valllée du Haut-Vicdessos, Pyrénées - France).
18 Dec 2012 Above- and belowground linkages in Sphagnum peatland: climate warming affects plant-microbial interactions
11 Dec 2012 Holocene land-use evolution and associated soil erosion in the French Prealps inferred from Lake Paladru sediments and archaeological evidences
11 Dec 2012 Geochemical Reservoirs and Timing of Sulfur Cycling on Mars
11 Dec 2012 Synthesis and characterization of polysaccharide-maghemite composite nanoparticles and their antibacterial properties
11 Dec 2012 Application of neural network and finite element method for multiscale prediction of bone fatigue crack growth in cancellous bone
07 Dec 2012 Preservation and Evolution of Organic Matter During Experimental Fossilisation of the Hyperthermophilic Archaea Methanocaldococcus jannaschii
03 Dec 2012 Methoxy-serratenes in a soil under conifers and their potential use as biomarkers of Pinaceae
26 Nov 2012 Experimental Constraints on Sulphur Behaviour in Subduction Zones: Implications for TTG and Adakite Production and the Global Sulphur Cycle since the Archean
16 Nov 2012 New Insights into the Molecular Structures, Compositions, and Cation Distributions in Synthetic and Natural Montmorillonite Clays
16 Nov 2012 Thermodynamics of gas and mineral solubility in the unsaturated-zone water
16 Nov 2012 Timing, duration and role of magmatism in wide rift systems: Insights from the Jiaodong Peninsula (China, East Asia)
13 Nov 2012 Characterization of Brazilian Peat Samples by Applying a Multi-Method Approach
12 Nov 2012 Predictability of biomass burning in response to climate changes
12 Nov 2012 Highly Explosive 2010 Merapi Eruption: Evidence for Shallow-Level Crustal Assimilation and Hybrid Fluid
08 Nov 2012 Environmental changes and the rise and fall of civilizations in the northern Horn of Africa: an approach combining δD analyses of land-plant derived fatty acids with multiple proxies in soil
08 Nov 2012 Soil porosity resulting from the assemblage of silt grains with a clay phase: New perspectives related to utilization of X-ray synchrotron computed microtomography
30 Oct 2012 Mechanisms of bubble coalescence in silicic magmas
30 Oct 2012 Magnetic and shape fabrics of magnetite in simple shear flows
25 Oct 2012 Extremely reducing conditions reached during basaltic intrusion in organic matter-bearing sediments
24 Oct 2012 Gas emissions due to magma-sediment interactions during flood magmatism at the Siberian Traps: gas dispersion and environmental consequences.
17 Sep 2012 ack of relationship between 26Al ages of chondrules and their mineralogical and chemical compositions Absence de relation entre les âges 26Al de cristallisation des chondres et leurs compositions minéralogiques et chimiques
17 Sep 2012 A Semi-Empirical Method to Calculate the Permeability of Homogeneously Fluidized Pyroclastic Material
11 Sep 2012 Late Holocene paleoenvironmental changes in Northeast Brazil recorded by organic matter in lacustrine sediments of Lake Boqueirão
10 Sep 2012 New experimental data and semi-empirical parameterization of H2O-CO2 solubility in mafic melts
30 Aug 2012 Exploring water and other liquids at negative pressure
24 Aug 2012 Initiation, geometry and mechanics of brittle faulting in exhuming metamorphic rocks: Insights from the northern Cycladic Islands (Aegean, Greece)
22 Aug 2012 Is the Jurassic (Yanshanian) intraplate tectonics of North China due to westward indentation of the North China block?
21 Aug 2012 Spatial and temporal trends in PCBs in sediment along the lower Rhône River, France
21 Aug 2012 Carbon and suspended sediment transport in an impounded alpine river (Isère, France)
10 Aug 2012 Reply to comment from W.P. Aspinall on “Social studies of volcanology: knowledge generation and expert advice on active volcanoes” by Amy Donovan, Clive Oppenheimer and Michael Bravo [Bull Volcanol (2012) 74:677-689]
10 Aug 2012 Science at the policy interface: volcano-monitoring technologies and volcanic hazard management
10 Aug 2012 Atmospheric oxygenation and volcanism Gaillard et al. reply
09 Aug 2012 The 2010 explosive eruption of Java's Merapi volcano – a ‘100-year’ event
08 Aug 2012 Adsorption of imidazolium and pyridinium ionic liquids onto montmorillonite: characterization and thermodynamic calculations
08 Aug 2012 Water reservoirs, irrigation and sedimentation in Central Asia: a first-cut assessment for Uzbekistan
08 Aug 2012 Mineralogy, fluid inclusion, and oxygen isotope constraints on the genesis of the Lalla Zahra W-(Cu) deposit, Alouana district, northeastern Morocco
08 Aug 2012 Experimental investigation of smectite interaction with metal iron at 80 °C: Structural characterization of newly formed Fe-rich phyllosilicates
08 Aug 2012 Eclogite breccias in a subducted ophiolite: A record of intermediate-depth earthquakes?
07 Aug 2012 Competition between particles and dissolved organic matter for trace metal binding in unpolluted soil solutions: Monitoring and thermodynamic approaches
07 Aug 2012 Phanerozoic tectonothermal events of the Xuefengshan Belt, central South China: Implications from Usingle bondPb age and Lusingle bondHf determinations of granites
07 Aug 2012 An appropriate selection of 3D alginate culture model for hepatic Huh-7 cell line encapsulation intended for viral studies
07 Aug 2012 Origin of growth defects in pearl
09 Jul 2012  A high-resolution stable isotopic record from the Junggar Basin (NW China): Implications for the paleotopographic evolution of the Tianshan Mountains
09 Jul 2012 Aegean tectonics: Strain localisation, slab tearing and trench retreat
09 Jul 2012 Mechanisms of margin inversion in the external Western Alps: Implications for crustal rheology
09 Jul 2012 Metamorphic Core Complex dynamics and structural development: Field evidences from the Liaodong Peninsula (China, East Asia)
09 Jul 2012 Fluid saturation and volatile partitioning between melts and hydrous fluids in crustal magmatic systems: The contribution of experimental measurements and solubility models
28 Jun 2012 Numerical simulations of convection in crystal-bearing magmas: a case study of the magmatic system at Erebus, Antarctica
27 Jun 2012 Tectonics of the Middle Triassic intracontinental Xuefengshan Belt, South China: new insights from structural and chronological constraints on the basal décollement zone
14 Jun 2012 Synkinematic mafic/ultramafic sheeted intrusions: emplacement mechanism and strain restoration of the Permian Huangshan Ni-Cu ore belt (Eastern Tianshan, NW China)
12 Jun 2012 Middle Paleozoic convergent orogenic belts in western Inner Mongolia (China): framework, kinematics, geochronology and implications for tectonic evolution of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt
12 Jun 2012 Youngest Toba Tuff in the Son Valley, India: a weak and discontinuous stratigraphic marker
12 Jun 2012 Mantle to surface degassing of alkalic magmas at Erebus volcano, Antarctica
08 Jun 2012 Relationships between pre-eruptive conditions and eruptive styles of phonolite-trachyte magmas
08 Jun 2012 Free fatty acids in Lake Aydat catchment soils (French Massif Central): sources, distributions and potential use as sediment biomarkers
30 May 2012 Distribution of trace elements in waters and sediments of the Seversky Donets transboundary watershed (Kharkiv region, Eastern Ukraine)
22 May 2012 Late Paleozoic-Mesozoic tectonic evolution of SW Japan: a review -Reappraisal of the accretionary orogeny and revalidation of the collisional model
15 May 2012 Synthesis of a spinifex-textured basalt as an analog to Gusev crater basalts, Mars
10 May 2012 Incipient melt segregation as preserved in subaqueous pyroclasts
26 Apr 2012 Social studies of volcanology: knowledge generation and expert advice on active volcanoes
26 Apr 2012 Regional vegetation and climate changes during the last 13 kyr from a marine pollen record in Seno Reloncaví, southern Chile
20 Apr 2012 Deformation experiments of bubble and crystal bearing magmas : rheological and microstructural analysis
18 Apr 2012 Decompression-induced crystallization in hydrated silica-rich melts: I. Empirical models of experimental plagioclase nucleation and growth kinetics
13 Apr 2012 A new oil-window indicator? The magnetic assemblage of claystones from the Baffin Bay volcanic margin (Greenland)
10 Apr 2012 Petrographical and geochemical study of modern lacustrine sedimentary organic matter (Lagoa do Caçò, Maranão, Brazil): Relationship between early diagenesis, organic sedimentation and lacustrine filling
02 Apr 2012 Variability in the environmental impacts of aggregate production
02 Apr 2012 Removal of diclofenac sodium from aqueous solution by Isabel grape bagasse
02 Apr 2012 Hot Spots in an Athermal System
28 Mar 2012 Groundwater resources of Uzbekistan: an environmental and operational overview
23 Mar 2012 Spatial and temporal variations of dissolved organic carbon and inorganic carbon concentrations and δ13C in a peatland-stream continuum: implications of peatland invasion by vascular plants
22 Mar 2012 Late Mesozoic compressional to extensional tectonics in the Yiwulüshan massif, NE China and their bearing on the Yinshan–Yanshan orogenic belt: Part II: Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility and gravity modeling
21 Mar 2012 Late Mesozoic compressional to extensional tectonics in the Yiwulüshan massif, NE China and its bearing on the evolution of the Yinshan–Yanshan orogenic belt: Part I: Structural analyses and geochronological constraints
21 Mar 2012 Effect of alkalis on the Fe oxidation state and local environment in peralkaline rhyolitic glasses
20 Feb 2012 Geochemical evidence for mixing between fluids exsolved at different depths in the magmatic system of Mt Etna (Italy)
20 Feb 2012 Gold Solubility in Arc Magmas: Experimental Determination of the Effect of Sulfur at 1000°C and 0.4 GPa
20 Feb 2012 Holocene palaeohydrological changes in the northern Mediterranean borderlands as reflected by the lake-level record of Lake Ledro, northeastern Italy
10 Feb 2012 The short-range order of ions in clay minerals: Sm3R coordination
03 Feb 2012 Decadal to monthly timescales of magma transfer and reservoir growth at a caldera volcano
03 Feb 2012 Silver and lead in high-altitude lake sediments: Proxies for climate changes and human activities
03 Feb 2012 The partitioning of transitional metals (Fe, Mn, Ni, Cr) in mangrove sediments downstream of a ferralitised ultramafic watershed (New Caledonia)
03 Feb 2012 Use of major and selected trace elements to describe mixing processes in a water reservoir
03 Feb 2012 How continuous and precise is the record of P–T paths? Insights from combined thermobarometry and thermodynamic modelling into subduction dynamics (Schistes Lustre´s, W. Alps)
03 Feb 2012  An opportunity to connect the morphodynamics of alternate bars with their sedimentary products
03 Feb 2012 Cycles of humid-dry climate conditions around the P⁄E boundary: new stable isotope data from terrestrial organic matter in Vasterival section (NW France)
03 Feb 2012 A Holocene record of snow-avalanche and flood activity reconstructed from a lacustrine sedimentary sequence in Oldevatnet, western Norway
02 Feb 2012 Stock de carbone organique dans des sols de la région aride de Coquimbo (Chili) : Conséquences de l'intensité du pâturage sur des parcours par des chèvres
01 Feb 2012 Modelling of metal polluant leaching through a smectite.
01 Feb 2012 Eruption dynamics inferred from microlite crystallization experiments: Application to Plinian and dome-forming eruptions of Mt Pelée (Martinique, Lesser Antilles).
23 Jan 2012 Electrical conductivity of partial molten carbonate peridotite
03 Jan 2012 Discrimination between different water bodies from a multilayered aquifer (Kaluvelly watershed, India): Trace element signature
02 Jan 2012 Infra-red imaging of bulk water and water-solid interfaces under stable and metastable conditions.
13 Dec 2011 Biogeochemical modelling of anaerobic vs. aerobic methane oxidation in a meromictic crater lake (Lake Pavin, France)
06 Dec 2011 Earth science: Redox state of early magmas
06 Dec 2011 Comparison of earthquake-triggered turbidites from the Saguenay (Eastern Canada) and Reloncavi (Chilean margin) Fjords: implications for paleoseismicity and sedimentology
06 Dec 2011 New constraints on the pre-Permian continental crust growth of Central Asia (West Junggar, China) by U-Pb and Hf isotopic data from detrital zircon.
02 Dec 2011 Can Moroccan Atlas lithospheric thinning and volcanism be induced by Edge-Driven Convection?
23 Nov 2011 A millennial multi-proxy reconstruction of summer PDSI for Southern South America
09 Nov 2011 Continental exhumation triggered by partial melting at ultrahigh pressure
04 Nov 2011 First estimate of volcanicnext term SO2 budget for Vanuatu island arc
14 Oct 2011 Atmospheric oxygenation caused by a change in volcanic degassing pressure
10 Oct 2011 Insights into shallow magma storage and crystallization at Volcán Llaima (Andean Southern Volcanic Zone, Chile)
05 Oct 2011 Late orogenic exhumation of the Variscan high-grade units (South Armorican Domain, western France), combined structural and 40Ar/39Ar constraints
04 Oct 2011 Deciphering orogenic evolution
30 Sep 2011 Paleoproterozoic tectonic evolution of the Trans-North China Orogen: toward a comprehensive model.
30 Sep 2011 Crystal bending, subgrain boundary development, and recrystallization in orthopyroxene during granulite-facies deformation
29 Sep 2011  Occurrence of triterpenyl acetates in soil and their potential as chemotaxonomical markers of Asteraceae
29 Sep 2011 Acoustic and mechanical properties of Nankai accretionary prism core samples
29 Sep 2011 Interpretation of porosity and LWD resistivity from the Nankai accretionary wedge in light of clay physicochemical properties: Evidence for erosion and local overpressuring
26 Sep 2011 Creep and Fluidity of a Real Granular Packing near Jamming
19 Sep 2011 Fate of arsenic-bearing phases during the suspended transport in a gold mining district (Isle river Basin, France)
19 Sep 2011 Subduction interface processes recorded by eclogite-facies shear zones (Monviso, W. Alps)
07 Sep 2011 Classification and mapping of anthropogenic landforms on cultivated hillslopes using DEMs and soil thickness data – Example from the SW Parisian Basin, France
06 Sep 2011 Liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry stable isotope analysis of dissolved organic carbon in stream and soil waters
06 Sep 2011 Cadmium and Zinc are differentially distributed in Populus tremula x P. alba exposed to metal excess
06 Sep 2011 In Situ Stabilization of Trace Metals in a Copper-Contaminated Soil using P-Spiked Linz-Donawitz Slag
06 Sep 2011 Implications of in situ calcification for photosynthesis in a ~3.3 Ga-old microbial biofilm from the Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa
06 Sep 2011 Pluton-dyke relationships in a Variscan granitic complex from AMS and gravity modelling. Inception of the extensional tectonics in the South Armorican Domain (France)
05 Sep 2011 Sedimentation of reservoirs in Uzbekistan: a case study of the Akdarya Reservoir, Zerafshan River Basin
05 Sep 2011 The Messinian Salinity Crisis in the Dacic Basin (SW Romania) and early Zanclean Mediterranean-Eastern Paratethys high sea-level connection
25 Aug 2011  A two-step process for the reflooding of the Mediterranean after the Messinian Salinity Crisis
23 Aug 2011 Zagros orogeny: a subduction-dominated process
23 Aug 2011 Metal cation binding by the hyperthermophilic microorganism, Archaea Methanocaldococcus Jannaschii, and its effects on silicification
23 Aug 2011 Daily variability of river concentrations and fluxes: indicators based on the segmentation of the rating curve
23 Aug 2011 Transient release of Ni, Mn and Fe from mixed metal sulphides under oxidising and reducing conditions
22 Aug 2011 Formation of metamorphic core complex in inherited wedges: A thermomechanical modelling study
22 Aug 2011 Microbial mat development and dolomite formation under pre-evaporitic conditions during the Atlantic in a temperate area: The Sarliève Lake (French Massif Central)
22 Aug 2011  De l'eau dans les magmas
22 Aug 2011 L'eau et la dynamique lithosphérique
22 Aug 2011  Experimental fossilisation of viruses from extremophilic Archaea
19 Aug 2011  Spectrocolorimetric interpretation of sedimentary dynamics: The new “Q7/4 diagram”
19 Aug 2011  Tetramethylammonium hydroxide thermochemolysis for the analysis of cellulose and free carbohydrates in a peatbog
19 Aug 2011 Singular value decomposition as a denoising tool for airborne time domain electromagnetic data
18 Aug 2011  From oblique accretion to transpression in the evolution of the Altaid collage: New insights from West Junggar, northwestern China
17 Aug 2011 Sulfur Degassing From Volcanoes: Source Conditions, Surveillance, Plume Chemistry and Earth System Impacts
07 Jul 2011 Monitoring and flux determination of trace metals in rivers of the Seversky Donets basin (Ukraine) using DGT passive
23 Jun 2011 Variation in δD values of a single, species‐specific molecular biomarker: a study of miliacin throughout a field of broomcorn millet (Panicum miliaceum L.)
23 Jun 2011 Solute distribution in porous rhyolite as evaluated by sequential centrifugation
23 Jun 2011 Aliphatic and aromatic biomarkers from Carboniferous coal deposits at Dunbar (East Lothian, Scotland): Palaeobotanical and palaeoenvironmental significance
23 Jun 2011 A case study of the internal structures of gossans and weathering processes in the Iberian Pyrite Belt using magnetic fabrics and paleomagnetic dating
22 Jun 2011 The Mesozoic palaeorelief of the northern Tian Shan (China)
10 Jun 2011 Selection of coals of different maturities for CO2 Storage by modelling of CH4 and CO2 adsorption isotherms
10 Jun 2011 Rheology and microstructure of experimentally deformed plagioclase suspensions
10 Jun 2011 Contribution of climatic and anthropogenic effects to the hydric deficit of peatlands
10 Jun 2011 Palaeomagnetic constraints from granodioritic plutons (Jiaodong Peninsula): New insights on Late Mesozoic continental extension in eastern Asia.
06 Jun 2011 Porosity redistribution enhanced by strain localization in crystal-rich magmas
31 May 2011 Strain-induced magma degassing: insights from simple-shear experiments on bubble bearing melts
30 May 2011 Relationships between magmatism and extension along the Autun–La Serre fault system in the Variscan Belt of the eastern French Massif Central
24 May 2011 A portable infrared laser spectrometer for flux measurements of trace gases at the geosphere–atmosphere interface
12 May 2011 Occurrence of fossil organic matter in modern environments: optical, geochemical and isotopic evidence
06 May 2011 Petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry of a primitive pumice from Stromboli: Implications for the deep feeding system
03 May 2011 Origin of salinity in a multilayered aquifer with high salinization vulnerability
02 May 2011 Slumping dynamics in tilled sandy soils under natural rainfall and experimental flooding
02 May 2011 Salt precipitation and trapped liquid cavitation in micrometric capillary tubes.
21 Apr 2011 Experimental interaction of magma and “dirty” coolants
20 Apr 2011 Rationalising a volcanic crisis through literature: Montserratian verse and the descriptive reconstruction of an island
20 Apr 2011 On bromine, nitrogen oxides and ozone depletion in the tropospheric plume of Erebus volcano (Antarctica)
20 Apr 2011 A re-assessment of aerosol size distributions from Masaya volcano (Nicaragua)
20 Apr 2011 Mineralogical and isotopic record of biotic and abiotic diagenesis of the Callovian–Oxfordian clayey formation of Bure (France)
20 Apr 2011 Monitoring volcanic thermal anomalies from space: Size matters
20 Apr 2011 Factors driving the biogeochemical budget of the Amazon River and its statistical modelling
20 Apr 2011 Analysis of physical quality of soil using the water retention curve: Validity of the S-index
15 Apr 2011 Paleo-erosion rates in Central Asia since 9 Ma: A transient increase at the onset of Quaternary glaciations?
13 Apr 2011 Confinement effects on water structure in membrane lyotropic phases
04 Apr 2011 3-D characterization of weathered building limestones by high resolution synchrotron X-ray microtomography
14 Mar 2011 Geochronological and geochemical characterization of magmatic-hydrothermal events within the Southern Variscan external domain (Ce´vennes area, France)
14 Mar 2011 Changes in erosion patterns during the Holocene in a currently treeless subalpine catchment inferred from lake sediment geochemistry (Lake Anterne, 2063 m a.s.l., NW French Alps): The role of climate and human activities
14 Mar 2011 A rapid mechanism to remobilize and homogenize highly crystalline magma bodies
14 Mar 2011 Software for the assisted determination of the structural parameters of mixed-layer phyllosilicates
14 Mar 2011 Geochronological and geochemical features of the Cathaysia block (South China): new evidence for the Neoproterozoic breakup of Rodinia
14 Mar 2011 Low-grade metamorphism around the down-dip limit of seismogenic subduction zones: Example from an ancient accretionary complex in the Shimanto Belt, Japan
14 Mar 2011 Syn-collisional channel flow and exhumation of paleoproterozoic High Pressure rocks in the Trans-North China Orogen: the critical role of partial-melting and orogenic bending
08 Feb 2011 A continuum mechanics approach to quantify brittle strain on weak faults: application to the extensional reactivation of shallow dipping discontinuities
07 Feb 2011 Post-orogenic extension and metamorphic core complexes in a heterogeneous crust: the role of crustal layering inherited from collision. Application to the Cyclades (Aegean domain)
07 Feb 2011 Granite intrusion in a metamorphic core complex: The example of the Mykonos laccolith (Cyclades, Greece)
07 Feb 2011 North-directed Triassic nappes in Northeastern Vietnam (East Bac Bo)
07 Feb 2011 “Sigmelts”: A web portal for electrical conductivity calculations in geosciences
26 Jan 2011 Redox conditions and heavy metals distribution in mangrove forests receiving effluents from shrimp farms (Teremba Bay, New Caledonia)
18 Jan 2011 Detrital zircon records of Late Cretaceous syn-rift sedimentary sequences of New Caledonia: an Australian provenance questioned
18 Jan 2011 Phase Equilibrium Constraints on Pre-eruptive Conditions of Recent Felsic Explosive Volcanism at Pantelleria Island, Italy
17 Jan 2011 Experimental determination of electrical conductivity during deformation of melt-bearing olivine aggregates: Implications for electrical anisotropy in the oceanic low velocity zone
04 Jan 2011 In situ bubble vesiculation in silicic magmas
03 Jan 2011 In-Pore stress by drying-induced capillary bridges inside porous materials
03 Jan 2011 Pre-explosive conduit conditions of the 1997 Vulcanian explosions at Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat: II. Overpressure and depth distributions
21 Dec 2010 La Loire souterraine : circulations karstiques dans le Val d’Orléans
17 Dec 2010 Spatio-temporal evolution of the Choisille River (southern Parisian Basin, France) during the Weichselian and the Holocene as a record of climate trend and human activity in north-western Europe
13 Dec 2010 The H2O solubility of alkali basaltic melts: an experimental study
13 Dec 2010 Palaeozoic tectonic evolution of the Tianshan belt, NW China
09 Dec 2010 Shear band formation and strain localization on a regional scale: Evidence from anisotropic rocks below a major detachment (Betic Cordilleras, Spain)
09 Dec 2010 Intercalation of a Nonionic Surfactant (C10E3) Bilayer into a Na-Montmorillonite Clay
08 Dec 2010 Lava effusion — A slow fuse for paroxysms at Stromboli volcano?
17 Nov 2010 Paleozoic tectonics of the southern Chinese Tianshan: Insights from structural, chronological and geochemical studies of the Heiyingshan ophiolitic mélange (NW China)
17 Nov 2010 Noble gas solubilities in silicate melts: New experimental results and a comprehensive model of the effects of liquid composition, temperature and pressure
17 Nov 2010 Use of continuous measurements of dissolved organic matter fluorescence in groundwater to characterize fast infiltration through an unstable fractured hillslope (Valabres rockfall, French Alps)
16 Nov 2010 Comparison of dissolved inorganic and organic carbon yields and fluxes in the watersheds of tropical volcanic islands, examples from Guadeloupe (French West Indies)
16 Nov 2010 Relationships between heavy metals distribution and organic matter cycling in mangrove sediments (Conception Bay, New Caledonia)
12 Nov 2010 Economic geology: Volatile destruction
10 Nov 2010 Aromatized C-2 oxygenated triterpenoids as indicators for a novel transformation pathway in the environment
10 Nov 2010 The carbon dioxide solubility in alkali basalts: an experimental study
09 Nov 2010 Xenocryst assimilation and formation of peritectic crystals during magma contamination: An experimental study
09 Nov 2010 Biogeochemistry of the Amazonian Floodplains: Insights from Six End-Member Mixing Models
02 Nov 2010 Mapping soil water holding capacity over large areas to predict the potential production of forest stands
25 Oct 2010 Initiation of crustal-scale thrusts triggered by metamorphic reactions at depth: Insights from a comparison between the Himalayas and Scandinavian Caledonides
21 Oct 2010 Alteration of As-bearing phases in a small watershed located on a high grade arsenic-geochemical anomaly (French Massif Central)
21 Oct 2010 Cooling paths of the NE China crust during the Mesozoic Extensional Tectonics: example from the South Liaodong Peninsula Metamorphic Core Complex
14 Oct 2010 Textural analysis of products from the 1997 Vulcanian explosions of Soufrière Hills Volcano (Montserrat) using X-ray computed microtomography
14 Oct 2010 Petrological Constraints on Crystallization Conditions of Mesoarchean Sanukitoid Rocks, Southeastern Amazonian Craton, Brazil
08 Oct 2010 Timing of initiation of extension in the Tianshan, based on structural, geochemical and geochronological analyses of bimodal volcanism and olistostrome in the Bogda Shan (NW China)
08 Oct 2010 Geostatistical approach for the assessment of the water reservoir capacity in arid regions: a case study of the Akdarya reservoir, Uzbekistan
08 Oct 2010 C-O-H fluid solubility in Haplo-basalt under reducing conditions: An experimental study
28 Sep 2010 In situ quantification of CH4 bubbling events from a peat soil using a new infrared laser spectrometer
23 Sep 2010 Pétrographie et géochimie comparées des pellets phosphatés et de leur gangue dans le gisement phosphaté de Ras-Draâ (Tunisie). Implications sur la genèse des pellets phosphatés
23 Sep 2010 Effects of Additives and Templates on Calcium Carbonate Mineralization in vitro
07 Sep 2010 Multidisciplinary characterisation of sedimentary processes in a recent maar lake (Lake Pavin, French Massif Central) and implication for natural hazards
03 Sep 2010 Quantitative palynofacies analysis as a new tool to study transfers of fossil organic matter in recent terrestrial environments
11 Aug 2010 Estimation of local extreme suspended sediment concentrations in California Rivers
11 Aug 2010 NH4-smectite: Characterization, hydration properties and hydro mechanical behaviour
11 Aug 2010 Two- and three-dimensional shape fabric analysis by the intercept method in grey levels
10 Aug 2010 Late Paleozoic paleogeographic reconstruction of Western Central Asia based upon paleomagnetic data and its geodynamic implications
10 Aug 2010 Structural development of the Lower Paleozoic belt of South China: Genesis of an intracontinental orogen
10 Aug 2010 Metamorphic core complexes vs. synkinematic plutons in continental extension setting: insights from key structures (Shandong Province, eastern China)
09 Aug 2010 Multibeam Bathymetry Investigations of Mass Movements in Lake Le Bourget (NW Alps, France) Using a Portable Platform
09 Aug 2010 Amorphous Materials: Properties, Structure, and Durability{dagger} Arsenic enrichment in hydrous peraluminous melts: Insights from femtosecond laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-quadrupole mass spectrometry, and in situ X-ray absorption fine s
25 Jun 2010 Deep reflection seismic imaging of the internal zone of the South Armorican Hercynian belt (western France) (ARMOR 2/Géofrance 3D Program)
16 Jun 2010 Comparative EPMA and μ-XRF methods for mapping micro-scale distribution of iodine in biocarbonates of the Callovian–Oxfordian clayey formation at Bure, Eastern part of the Paris Basin
15 Jun 2010 A new petrological and geophysical investigation of the present-day plumbing system of Mount Vesuvius
10 Jun 2010 Evidence of a bacterial carbonate coating on plaster samples subjected to the Calcite Bioconcept biomineralization technique
07 Jun 2010 Quantitative analysis of climate versus human impact on sediment yield since the Lateglacial: The Sarliève palaeolake catchment (France)
02 Jun 2010 Geological context of the Boumnyebel talcschists (Cameroun): Inferences on the Pan-African Belt of Central Africa
02 Jun 2010 Synchrotron X-ray microtomography and lattice Boltzmann simulations of gas flow through volcanic pumices
02 Jun 2010 Pre-explosive conduit conditions of the 1997 Vulcanian explosions at Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat: I. Pressure and vesicularity distributions
02 Jun 2010 Bubble nucleation, growth and coalescence during the 1997 Vulcanian explosions of Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat
02 Jun 2010 Sulfide oxidation observed using micro-Raman spectroscopy and micro-X-ray diffraction: The importance of water/rock ratios and pH conditions
02 Jun 2010 Mechanical properties of the elemental nanocomponents of nacre structure
11 Mar 2010 Discovery of Early Cretaceous rocks in New Caledonia; new geochemical and U-Pb zircon age constraints on the transition from subduction to marginal breakup in the Southwest Pacific.
10 Mar 2010 Post-depositional redistribution of trace metals in reservoir sediments of a mining/smelting-impacted watershed (the Lot River, SW France)
10 Mar 2010 Lithogeochemical, mineralogical analyses and oxygen–hydrogen isotopes of the Hercynian Koudiat Aïcha massive sulphide deposit, Morocco
10 Mar 2010 Deciphering of six blocks of Gondwanan origin within Eastern Indonesia (South East Asia)
09 Mar 2010 Vapour nucleation in metastable water and solutions by synthetic fluid inclusion method.
08 Mar 2010 Distribution of the organic matter in the channel-levees systems of the Congo mud-rich deep-sea fan (West Africa). Implication for deep offshore petroleum source rocks and global carbon cycle
08 Mar 2010 Cold subduction and the formation of lawsonite eclogite – constraints from prograde evolution of eclogitized pillow lava from Corsica
02 Mar 2010 Explosive properties of superheated aqueous solutions in volcanic and hydrothermal systems
02 Mar 2010 Phase transition induced by solid solution: The BCa-BMg substitution in richteritic amphiboles
01 Mar 2010 Lifetime of superheated water in a micrometric synthetic fluid inclusion
01 Mar 2010 The Eltville Tephra, a late pleistocene widespread tephra layer in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands ; Symptomatic compositions of the minerals
01 Mar 2010 Methodological re-evaluation of the electrical conductivity of silicate melts
01 Mar 2010 Sustainable Irrigated Agricultural Production of Countries in economic Transition: Challenges and Opportunities (A case study of Uzbekistan, Central Asia)
01 Mar 2010 Occurrence and distribution of glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers in a French peat bog
22 Feb 2010 Reply to “Reply to comments on defining biominerals and organominerals: Direct and indirect indicators of life [Perry et al., Sedimentary Geology, 201, 157–179]” by R.S. Perry and M.A. Sephton: [Sedimentary Geology 213 (2009) 156]
22 Feb 2010 Zinc and cadmium effects on growth and ion distribution in Populus tremula × Populus alba
18 Feb 2010 The peralkaline tin-mineralized madeira cryolite albite-rich granite of Pitinga, Amazonia craton, Brazil : petrography, mineralogy and crystallization processes
18 Feb 2010 Facts and Perspectives of Water Reservoirs in Central Asia: A Special Focus on Uzbekistan
18 Feb 2010 Organic matter sources and decay assessment in a Sphagnum-dominated peatland (Le Forbonnet, Jura Mountains, France). Impact of moisture conditions.
22 Jan 2010 In situ temperature measurements through i-anvils
19 Jan 2010 Rifting and shallow-dipping detachments, clues from the Corinth Rift and the Aegean
18 Jan 2010 Controls on Gold Solubility in Arc Magmas: An Experimental Study at 1000°C and 4 kbar
18 Jan 2010 Characterization of organic matter in the Oligocene (Chattian) turbiditic fine grained deposits, offshore Angola
15 Jan 2010 Evaluation of the real contact area in three-body dry friction by micro-thermal analysis
15 Jan 2010 Magma storage conditions of the last eruption of Teide volcano (Canary Islands, Spain)
12 Jan 2010 Solar and proxy-sensitivity imprints on paleohydrological records for the last millennium in west-central Europe
08 Jan 2010 Biomarker evidence for recent turf cultivation in Northeast Brazil (Lagoa do Boqueirão, RN)
06 Jan 2010 Testing the survival of microfossils in artificial martian sedimentary meteorites during entry into Earth’s atmosphere: the STONE 6 experiment
04 Jan 2010 Determination of the Liquidus Temperatures of Ashes from the Biomass Gazification for Fuel Production by Thermodynamical and Experimental Approaches
24 Dec 2009 Along-strike variations of P–T conditions in accretionary wedges and syn-orogenic extension, the HP–LT Phyllite–Quartzite Nappe in Crete and the Peloponnese
24 Dec 2009 Precambrian protoliths and Early Paleozoic magmatism in the French Massif Central: U–Pb data and the North Gondwana connection in the west European Variscan belt
24 Dec 2009 Groundwater Resources Use and Management in the Amu Darya River Basin (Central Asia)
22 Dec 2009 Experimental constraints on the crystallization of natrocarbonatitic lava flows
22 Dec 2009 Evidence from wavelet analysis for a mid-Holocene transition in global climate forcing
22 Dec 2009 Spherulite crystallization induces Fe-redox redistribution in silicic melt
22 Dec 2009 From sedimentary records to sediment budgets: Multiple approaches to catchment sediment flux
22 Dec 2009 Caesium-137 in sandy sediments of the River Loire (France): Assessment of an alluvial island evolving over the last 50 years
22 Dec 2009 Time-dependent changes of the electrical conductivity of basaltic melts with redox state
22 Dec 2009 Lithium isotopes in island arc geothermal systems: Guadeloupe, Martinique (French West Indies) and experimental approach
09 Dec 2009 Structural and Geochronological Study of High-Pressure Metamorphic Rocks in the Kekesu Section (Northwestern China): Implications for the Late Paleozoic Tectonics of the Southern Tianshan
09 Dec 2009 Variability of the groundwater sulfate concentration in fractured rock slopes: a tool to identify active unstable areas
24 Nov 2009 Geochemistry and tectonic setting of Matakaoa Volcanics (East Coast Allochthon, New Zealand); supra-subduction zone affinity, regional correlations and origin.
20 Nov 2009 Detrital-zircon ages and geochemistry of sedimentary rocks in basement Mesozoic terranes and their cover rocks in New Caledonia, and provenances at the Eastern Gondwanaland margin
20 Nov 2009 Textural and hydration properties of a synthetic montmorillonite compared with a natural Na-exchanged clay analogue.
20 Nov 2009 Impact of Redox Cycles on Manganese, Iron, Cobalt, and Lead in Nodules
20 Nov 2009 Modalités du recyclage de la croûte continentale dans l’orogène varisque par traçage in situ des zircons hérités (mesures U-Pb/LA-MC-ICPMS)
23 Oct 2009 Late Holocene water level fluctuations of Lake Afourgagh (Middle-Atlas Mountains, Morocco) inferred from charophyte remains
09 Oct 2009 Rapid ascent of rhyolitic magma at Chaitén volcano, Chile - NATURE
06 Oct 2009 Adsorption of a C10E3 non-ionic surfactant on a Ca-smectite
28 Sep 2009 Thermal maturity of the Upper Triassic-Middle Jurassic Shemshak Group (Alborz Range, Northern Iran) based on organic petrography, geochemistry and basin modelling: implications for source rock evaluation and petroleum exploration.
24 Sep 2009 Invasion of a Sphagnum-peatland by Betula spp and Molinia caerulea impacts organic matter biochemistry. Implication for carbon and nutrient cycling.
15 Sep 2009 Hydration of Na+, Ni2+, and Sm3+ in the Interlayer of Hectorite: A Quasielastic Neutron Scattering Study
15 Sep 2009 Textural characterization using P. Gy heterogeneity functions
14 Sep 2009 Carboxylic acid sorption on synthetic clays in marine water: in vitro experiments and implications for organo-clay behaviour under marine conditions
14 Sep 2009 The Lüliang Massif: a key area for the understanding of the Palaeoproterozoic Trans-North China Belt, North China Craton
09 Sep 2009 Shrinkage of microaggregates in Brazilian Latosols during drying: significance of the clay content, mineralogy and hydric stress history
08 Sep 2009 The Neogene Xiyu Formation, a diachronous prograding gravel wedge at front of the Tianshan: Climatic and tectonic implications
07 Sep 2009 Numerical investigation of transient hydrothermal processes around intrusions: heat-transfer and fluid-circulation controlled mineralization patterns.
04 Sep 2009 A snapshot of soil water composition as an indicator of contrasted redox environments in a hedged farmland plot
04 Sep 2009 Variabilité journalière de la qualité des rivières et son incidence sur la surveillance a long terme : exemple de la Loire moyenne.
03 Sep 2009 Incertitudes sur les métriques de qualité des cours d’eau (médianes et quantiles de concentrations, flux, cas des nutriments) évaluées a partir de suivis discrets
31 Aug 2009 Impact of climatic changes on organic carbon dynamic in wet tropical watersheds of Guadeloupe (FWI)
31 Aug 2009 Experimental determination of the solubility of gold (Au) in intermediate arc magmas.
28 Aug 2009 Late Cretaceous porphyry Cu and epithermal Cu–Au association in the Southern Panagyurishte District, Bulgaria: the paired Vlaykov Vruh and Elshitsa deposits
26 Aug 2009 Monazite U-Th/Pb chemical dating of the Early Carboniferous syn-kinematic MP/MT metamorphism in the Variscan French Massif Central
26 Aug 2009 The Montagne Noire migmatitic dome emplacement (French Massif Central): New insights from petrofabric and AMS studies
25 Aug 2009 Contribution à la connaissance des migrations de CO2 naturel dans le Bassin du S-E de la France : enseignements pour le stockage géologique du CO2 dans les réservoirs sédimentaires
13 Aug 2009 Characterization of juvenile pyroclasts from the Kos Plateau Tuff (Aegean Arc): insights into the eruptive dynamics of a large rhyolitic eruption
13 Aug 2009 Rapid reorganization in ocean biogeochemistry off Peru towards the end of the Little Ice Age
13 Aug 2009 Explosive properties of water in volcanic and hydrothermal systems
13 Aug 2009 Controls on magma permeability in the volcanic conduit during the climactic phase of the Kos Plateau Tuff eruption (Aegean Arc)
13 Aug 2009 Explosivity Conditions of Aqueous Solutions
13 Aug 2009 The weathering of a sulfide orebody : speciation and rate of some potential contaminants
13 Aug 2009 Soil Drainage as an Active Agent of Recent Soil Evolution
11 Aug 2009 Mobility of major-, minor- and trace elements in solutions of a planosolic soil: Distribution and controlling factors
11 Aug 2009 Experimental silicification of the extremophilic Archaea Pyrococcus abyssi and Methanocaldococcus jannaschii: applications in the search for evidence of life in early Earth and extraterrestrial rocks
13 Jul 2009 Contrasted Late Glacial and Holocene hydrology of Sarliève paleolake (France) from sediment geometry and detrital versus biochemical composition
13 Jul 2009 Pyrophyllite - Zunyite - Diaspore Mineralization at CHOUICHIAT, ANTI-ATLAS, MOROCCO
13 Jul 2009 Thermal-Induced Wear Mechanisms of Sheet Nacre in Dry
13 Jul 2009 Zinc Redistribution in a Soil Developed from Limestone
13 Jul 2009 The Zanhuang Massif, the second and eastern suture zone of the Paleoproterozoic Trans-North China Orogen
13 Jul 2009 Role of non-mantle CO2 in the dynamics of volcano degassing: The Mount Vesuvius example
13 Jul 2009 Experimental Constraints on the Deep Magma Feeding System at StromboliVolcano, Italy
10 Jul 2009 Mémoire présenté en vue de l'obtention de l'Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches
29 Jun 2009 3D representation of soil distribution: An approach for understanding pedogenesis Représentation 3D des sols, apports à la compréhension de la pédogenèse
29 Jun 2009 Effect of basic slag addition on soil properties, growth and leaf mineral composition of beans in a Cu-contaminated soil
26 Jun 2009 Données nouvelles sur le contenu organique des dépôts phosphatés du gisement de Ras-Draâ (Tunisie) New data on the organic matter associated to phosphatic ores of the Ras-Draâ deposit (Tunisia)
25 Jun 2009 Slumping Dynamics of Tilled Sandy Soils in North-East Thailand
25 Jun 2009 Pyrocarbon performances and characterization
03 Jun 2009 Development and origin of the microgranular structure in Latosols of the Brazilian Central Plateau: significance of texture, mineralogy, and biological activity
29 May 2009 A mixed model of active geodesic contours with gradient vector flows for X-Ray microtomography segmentation